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X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Scenes After The Credits

Wolverine Origins: Scenes After The Credits (Ending Spoilers)
** SPOILERS ** X-Men Origins: Wolverine features different after the credits scenes on different prints. So whichever ending / ending you saw this weekend, this is what you missed elsewhere.

The hidden scene our reviewer caught after the credits featured Wolverine drinking shots of whiskey in a bar in Japan. The bartender asks him if he’s American, to which Wolverine replies “Canadian…I think.” She asks if he’s drinking to forget. “I’m drinking to remember” he says. (This is setting up the Far East as a likely location for any direct sequel)

The other ‘hidden clip’ features Deadpool’s arm reaching out from the rubble to find his decapitated head. The eyes pop open and with his, now open, mouth he looks at the camera and says “Ssssh”. Ridiculous.

Both prints feature a scene during the credits that has Colonel Stryker walking down a road with his shoes ripped open and his feet bleeding due to how far he has walked. He encounters soldiers who tell him he’s wanted for questioning in connection with the death of General Munson.

Did anybody see a third hidden ending? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Simon Campbell said

    I didn’t hang around to see it because everyone was leaving.

    The only good thing about the Deadpool ending is that it means that Deadpool is alive. Deadpool was easily the best thing in the whole movie.

    So, hopefully we’ll see a Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds in the lead role.

    They did kind of ruin him by closing over his mouth as that was his strong point beforehand. However if his mouth is now open then who knows.

    Maybe it’ll be alright.

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  • scott in philly said

    I liked the deadpool scene… it plays true to the character developed in comics as one who “breaks the fourth wall” – often acknowledging the audience directly – it seems a little silly without that context but makes sense when you know more about the character

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  • nick said

    First off this movie butchered the wolverine story-line. james(jimmie as creed called him)never ran off with creed, he ran off with rose a little red head girl that was brought to his home in hopes of giving james a freind to play with. victor creed was not in james(wolverine)past but instead it was his half brother named dog which wolverine killed when dog tracked james and rose down in a mining town where they were hiding, aslo killing rose which was posing as his siter to throw anyone off. now if dog really died I dont know meaning he could be victor creed but that was never proven to be true unless they came out with a story to who he really was, they at one time tried to say he was wolverine father but that was thrown away.

    second. Wolverine and creed did surve in the military together under a special unit but wolverine first surved with the canadian militery meeting captain america and his side kick. there was a whole story that should have been told about this before ever going into a story line involving cyclps and gambit or even deadpool.

    third, wolverine did not lose his memory due to a bullet made out of the same metal as his claws being shot in the head, he lost it durring the experiments done to him to place metal onto his skeleton. as well the only weapon able to kill wolverine is a sword made of the metal that was made stronger by a special process making it the only weapon able to go through wolverines skeleton.

    cyclops had nothing to do with wolverines past, neither did gambit, hell gambit should not have been born yet same for cyclops. wolverine is over 160 years old for gods sake.

    plus if they was planning on doing a japan scene then there is no way those two people should be any where in the story line. if anything it should have been gambits dad in the story and maybe a glimps of a young magneto and prof. x.

    Th japan scene took place around the early 1900 meaning that alot of the stuff they had in the movie like 1980’s trucks and technology should not have been there.

    needless to say that ryan rynalds being a huge deadpool fan was very upset how he had to play deadpool, as well fans were upset not only about that but the fact that wolverine was played by a guy that had nothing in common with hin, hugh is too tall almost a ft too tall, not bulky enough because of his hight as well did not have the attitude.

    I could keep going but I will stop here

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    • rfrfr said

      Just shut the f**k up please?

      They movie is an adoption and that means that there are going to be changes. ofc. they can’t do the exact same thing like in the comic-books. it’s two different types of media and what works in one of them might not work in the other and vice versa.

      And check your spelling before you post a message ffs.

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  • Mahmoud El-Azzeh said

    WHAT?! There’s a second hidden ending??? That’s the whole reason why I stayed in the cinema for a reveal on Deadpool – aw man. I wonder if this ending is on YouTube yet…

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  • dukat said

    I saw the third ending myself here. I didn’t follow any of the comics when growing up, I pretty much grew up with the X-men cartoon on Fox and all the other cartoons that spawned from that. So I don’t really now the whole past of wolverine just from what I have seen in the cartoons and what people have actually told me. I mean I enjoyed the movie a lot and I am a fan of Ryan Reynolds fan, so I have the make another movie with Deadpool in it.

    PLUS on a side note…Hollywood don’t make movies to completely follow a time line, they make a movie to appeal to everyone and make money. Therefore they compact all the big details and make some other things up to keep the consumers attention. Unfortunately to make a movie that would follow everything from the comics, is too costly and would take a span of years to do and a lot of the actors might not stay around for that.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Dukat, can you confirm if the Stryker ending was during or after the credits? I’ve heard it’s during the credits and then you get either the Japan or Deadpool ending after the credits?

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  • Simon Campbell said

    Yeah Sheridan you’re right.

    The Stryker bit but it was during the credits. The other two endings are after the credits. As far as I know.

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  • me said

    Lol. Nick you just got all of that off of wikipedia didnt you lol. Thats the definition of wolverine on wikipedia hahaha.

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  • TheMercWithaMouse said

    Exscuse me,Nick,but your overlooking the big picture.First off,the characters of Dog, Victor, and Rose, were all combined into Sabretooth, in sorts,mainley Dog’s role as the big brother,and Rose’s role as the guardian of sorts. Rose is also incorporated into the character of Kayla Silverfox, if you look at the hints,like so: Killed in ——–(mining, lumberjacking) town, that the two were laying low in, by ——-(Dog, Victor). The Captain America and Bucky meet Logan thing would never have worked. Its an X-Men film, not the Captain America movie coming out in a few years. Then, if Logan had lost his memory because of the procedure, it wouldent have been half as good. How would he know who had wronged him? How would he remember his motivation for the surgery? How would he know why his bones are coated in the metal? With his memory wiped that fast, the whole plot of the film leading up to that would have been pointless, dramatic liscence was used well in that situation, to prevent strange errors. Cyke and Gambit actually COULD have been alive at that time, the time when Cyke appears hes only about 14-17, at the oldest, and in X-Men, which takes place 15 years after this, hes in his late-to-mid 20’s. Gambit was around 18 here,i’d totally believe movie-verse Gambit is arond 28 and up, if he appeared. Wolverine IS over 160, but this film, after the timeskips, takes place 15 years prior to X-men. Totally possible. The Japan scene takes place a few years AFTER the events of the movie,so things from the 80’s totally fit in, still. Deadpool/Weapon XI was a bit depressing, but still, the Wade scenes were realy true to him, as was the post-credit’s “Shhh..” scene, and hopefully, in future installments, Deadpool gets more action, XD.

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  • Rob said

    I heard the third alternate after-credits-scene is the real Wade Wilson coming out to the island and finding the body/head of Weapon XI and stabbing the head with one of his swords. Kind of proving the real Wade never died and Weapon XI was a clone or something. I thought the drinking ending was the worst, and i don’t know between the other 2, cuz the first allows you to still see the “deadpool” origins of the healing serum that deforms him etc. But both allow for the Deadpool spin-off

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  • Michael King said

    I thought Wolverine was awesome. Every person in the film played their part superbly.

    i would hav liked it better if they kept to the flashbacks that Wolverine had in X-Men 2 where he gets out of the tank bleeding heaps and crying.

    There Is a third Deadpool ending.

    The man wearing a black trench coat walks around the island surveying the damage when he see’s weapon XI’s head. He kneels down and the man is revealed to be the real Wade Wilson and he says “Who The Hell Are You Supposed To Be?”

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  • john said

    i didn’t see the japan extra clip. but I’m thinking, if he’s there in Japan, does that mean there’s a possibility that the sequel will feature Silver Samurai?

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  • VirtuesShadow said

    If in Japan mybe three birds with one stone I would like to see omaga red, laidy death strike as a humen/ and silver samurai. Red would slow Wolverine down and Samurai will kill yoroko (laidy death strike’s) father Then thats when She wants reveang and omaga red tells her about william stryker able to help her and she goes to him but william does not want to make the wrong mistake again so he brain washes her mind with that device on her neck. But how would Wolverine forget her they use to be in love before why would wolverine kill her with out no hezatation

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  • VirtuesShadow said

    And just remember A lot of mutants went in to the past and future to mest things up it was when wolverine had bones when he met captian america and they both saved Magneto when he was a boy in the Holocost with all the other jews.that would make sents for magneto not killing wolverine when Magneto is angry at wolverine and thats why the dog tage look weired to magneto in part 1. Wolverine did not like to show his Bones he had this weapon that he used to clime up mountains that look close to the metal claws. DOES WILLIAM STRYKER HAVE HEALING POWERS TO????? and could their be some kind of use to be together in the past with William stryker, Sheld Nick fury, Petter parkers (Spiderman) uncle ben Do they have somingthing in commin Have they might have crosse hairs all together before.

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  • JJD said

    If Wolverine is in Japan, not only could we see Silver Samurai but even more importantly, Mariko Yashida!

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