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Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare & Call Of Duty: World At War sold a lot of units (10 million for Modern Warfare alone). We all know what that means, it’s time for a Call Of Duty movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Activision is in talks to try and bring it to the big screen, along with its Guitar Hero franchise and World Of Warcraft.

There’s no word yet if they’re thinking in terms of World War II (where most of the series has been set), or a modern war scenario (where the most popular entry in the series was set).

For Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the narrative followed two squads, one American marines, one British commandos, as they attempted to take down a radical leader in the Middle East and prevent civil war in Russia.

Hopefully it won’t be a recreation of the multiplayer experience, which would see the lead character being shot dead five times every minute and told he sucked.

What would you like to see happen in a Call Of Duty movie? Which time period should it be set in? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • James said

    I think it should be WWII definitely.

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  • michael said

    If they absolutely have to make one, make it Modern Warfare. By far the best story and best game in the series. The story in the game played out like a good war movie. Just not sure if they should do it. I get so sick of movie companies doing this. Sell millions of games, so it must be able to make millions in the movies. Games are games for a reason. Let them be.

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  • Gary said

    Modern Day setting. A new storyline, because everyone who played the game knows that story. Make it mostly in first person, like that little section of the movie Doom. That would rock.

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  • ian said

    modern warfare or WWII is fine
    but make that thing live action

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  • codfan said

    ww2 definetely, call of duty is meant to be a ww2 series. The first game especially was one of the best games ever, cod 4 is fun but it didnt feel like call of duty to me. If people wanted a modern warfare game they should have played rainbow six or ghost recon or something. I hope that they make the later games ww2 themed rather than modern.

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  • winniepoohbear said

    WWII Hopefully they will get the software designers together and come up with an awesome story line. I love modern warfare but lots of CG movies are already present day and futuristic so I think it would be a more unique movie if they go with CG WWII.

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  • christien said

    absolutily positively modern warefare set because modern warefare was the best game in the series(in my oppinion)and because modern warefare 1 sold more copies than any other game in the series besides call of duty 1(i beleive)and mostly because we dont need another ww2 movie i mean i understand why you people would want it its because WW2 was a historical moment and people should remember it but their is already like 30 movies set in ww2 since 1980 and their is like 5 movies since 1980 set in the date it came out so i think they should make it in modern times

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  • Herman said

    They should use modern warfare it had a good impact wen it was realeased. It is not a real war like ww2 so they can alter the story abit. COD4 modern warfare is very popular than its ww2 series. at least let it make sense to some one
    to understand its story line make it very real and edgie.
    Dont put the the very game in it look at the game use parts of the game make it familuar to the fans stay tru to it and
    get a good derictor, actors and dont screw it up you dont want the movie to look to much like the game

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  • Herman said

    ww2 is good it doesnt matter if its modern or ww2 as long as
    its live ation and the people loved it

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  • Mat said

    I think it should be about the Nazi Zombies story and how it was all started to how it all ended i think that would make a interesting movie.

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  • Chimpy said

    Simple, they should follow the series, make the first one WW2 then Modern Warfare and some how link both films together to make some awsome story line, gripping, unique and it would be unexpected =)

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  • Joker said

    I don’t understand, the game itself is a movie.

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  • Michael said

    Modern Cus I Can See Colin Farrell To Play Soap

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