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What If?: Star Trek Next Generation Rebooted – Possible Cast List

Batman Begins, Casino Royale, The Incredible Hulk, Star Trek. Soon we’re gonna need an Internet Franchise-Reboot Database.

Star Trek is the only one of the franchises mentioned that even comes close to having as many movies as Bond, both of them originated nearly half a century ago, but unlike Bond, constantly recasting the same character, Trek boldly went the other way, introducing a new cast with each iteration of the TV show. Until now. What with the critical acclaim and near unprecedented anticipation for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek reboot, it’s not a leap of Vulcan logic to assume that the approach may be repeated in the future, putting a fresh new spin on characters that have already been established.

The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager. Remade. It may be another half a century away, but if it’s not we at Movie Moron have a suggestion or two for who might be able to fill those Starfleet issue boots of theirs.

The “Kirks”

Star Trek Next Generation Remake

Just because Matt Damon didn’t get to play Kirk, doesn’t mean we can’t think big! Abrams certainly started off that way, and the big names are a good indicator of the kind of people that should be looked at to take on the characters. The fact that they were thinking Damon as Kirk means he was a stepping stone to Pine as Kirk.

Let’s face it, you can’t replace Patrick Stewart for anything, ever. I feel sorry for the poor soul next in line to play Charles Xavier, but Ralph Fiennes can do imposing leader as seen in Schindler’s List and Harry Potter, he can do Shakespearean melodrama, he’s British, and he looks cool without hair – and those are the fundamentals of Jean-Luc Picard!

As for Benjamin Sisko, there’s really only Idris Elba. Seriously, who else? Sisko always bent the rules a little more than his fellow captains, and Elba has definitely got the charisma and shady side the character could use.

Katherine Janeway needs to be calm and authoritative, kind of like Cate Blanchett’s Queen Elizabeth. Seeing as how Blanchett’s been there, done that, and has her toe in the genre pool with Lord of the Rings let’s give someone else a chance. Kate Winslet has all those qualities and is yet to star in a film of this kind.

The “Spocks”

Star Trek Next Generation Remake

Thanks to the ingenious character that is Spock, he’s become archetypal in the Trek universe. So much so that no version of Trek is complete without a character that is removed from humanity as we know it and struggles to understand it. These characters need aloof dispositions, perplexed faces and monotonous voices.

Jeremy Davies as Data. The dude is a legend on Lost and has only appeared on around twenty of its hundred episode so far. He’s brilliant at the two things Data needs to be brilliant at: exposition and a constant ‘i wish i didn’t have to dumb this down for you’ face.

Doug Jones as Odo makes sense because he can act his way out of a paper bag, and that’s pretty much what Odo wears. That and an insane amount of make-up.

Despite Jeri Ryan’s considerable acting talents, as showcased in The OC and Shark, we’re moving into model-turned-actress territory, and thanks to The Tricia Helfer precedent, this is no longer frowned upon. Somebody teach Doutzen Kroes how to act and put her on a cinema screenn. Seriously, that’s like Grace Kelly reincarnated.

The “McCoys”

Star Trek Next Generation Remake

Jake Gyllenhaal has the babyface/bearded combo going on, and the swagga required to play Riker. Nick Frost should play O’Brien, simply because he probably harbours a deep resentment towards long-time friend Simon Pegg for getting to be Scotty – and nobody wants to see that friendship end!

Chakotay is really hard to re-cast, there’s literally nobody I can think of…so I’m handing over to you! Obviously we left a lot of other characters out, who do YOU think could play them? Sean Patrick Thomas as Geordi La Forge? Terry Crews as Worf? Megan Fox as Dax? Go crazy!

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  • MikeP said

    Christopher Eccleston as Picard
    Brandon Routh as Data
    Cate Blanchett as Crusher
    Maggie Gyllenhaal as Troi
    LeVar Burton as LaForge (why the hell not?)
    Vin Diesel as Worf
    and Wil Wheaton as Riker. (It’d never happen, but it’d be funny.)

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  • David W said

    Gotta pull you up on the Sisko thing. Chiwitel Ejiofor all the way. I mean, have you seen Serenity?

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  • Joey said

    Sorry we don’t need no recast of The Next Generation crew. They are garbage. Picard is the weakest captain in Star Trek. Capt Kirk, Capt Janeway would kick his sorry arse.

    We don’t need no reboot of a crappy crew. Original Star Trek crew is better. Stick with Capt Kirk.

    We don’t need no more crappy movies from the next Generation. Every next generation movie sucked except the one borg movie. The tv series sucked too.

    Original series had better more interesting crew: brave, exciting and fun to watch. The next generation: boring, weak captain -picard always had to be saved whether from kid: wesley, Capt Kirk or Data. Picard sucks.

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    • Chuck said

      Janeway better than Picard? I honestly can’t tell if you’re crazy or just trolling.

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    • Ian said

      Janeway was the worst captain. I wouldn’t bother recasting her, she’s not worth it.

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  • Jean-Luc Picard said

    Joey, you are quite the young rogue. Somebody bring me a cup of tea as I decide what to do with this little potty mouth.

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  • Jaycee said

    I love picard 😀 He was the best captain, then janeway, and then..well idk. I was too young for kirk and I didn’t watch too much with the other guy. Picard = Awesomest.

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  • TAL said

    I don’t know if Joey has realized this but next TNG is becoming popular all over again. Their on at least three different channels I watch with one day marathon on syfy every week. I wouldn’t mind seeing it remade at all—in fact if you were going to remake TNG right now would be the best time possible if you want to hook your fans. I mean heck they’re already there.

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    • Jacqui Grant said

      Levar Burton probably earns too much (and may be too short to play Sisko), but TNG and DS9 were my favorites of the episodic versions, and I really wish that one or the other would be remade. I’ve watched Serenity until it’s worn out, and own, or have owned, all of the Star Trek movies. Anyway, Serenity is a movie. I haven’t seen any Firefly options anywhere – or was that a Battlestar Galactica spinoff?

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  • senile said

    What series and who was the dead ringer for Tamara Taylor? I remember seeing her (I am guessing a twin?), but cannot remember where!

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  • Parks' said

    Chakotay – Adam Beach

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  • Andrew said

    @David W, I have to say I’m totally on board with your casting choice for Sisko.

    @Joey You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but I get the feeling that you’re in the minority there.

    I think that I reboot of TNG or DS9 would be rough, partly because of the more complex feel of those shows in plot and character development, and particularly because of the setting of DS9. What I would love to see is a reboot of the characters set in the universe established by the J.J. Abrams Star Trek, but not necessarily in the same circumstances as the original shows. I think it would be a really interesting opportunity to show just how far that timeline could diverge from the original, and how these characters are shaped by an entirely different set of events that would allow them to develop in a whole new way.

    On a final note, I’d like to stress how strongly I am against Megan Fox being associated with Star Trek in any way, particularly a character as interesting as Jadzia Dax.

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  • Gary Runner said

    Whoever rebooted TNG should removed from Hollywood. If they think they can do better, go CREATE their own shoes. Don’t mess up someone else’s works. I am sick and tired of rebooting shows. Go create something new if they thing they are so good.

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  • Lawman said

    Not recasting comment but I’m just saying the one of my favorite TNG episodes was Cause and Effect.

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  • Mike said

    It’s not Doug Jones as Odo… It was Rene Auberjonois

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  • Mike said

    And I can’t read or apparently cut or paste…

    It should not have been Rene Auberjonois as Odo, it should have been Doug Jones originally.

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  • theboysosi86 said

    Tom Hiddleston as data hands down !!!

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    • emma said

      Tom Hiddleston as Data!!! He would be SO PERFECT!!! <3

      I actually agree with Ralph Fiennes as Picard, tho. He would do a really good job and he is an amazing actor.

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