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Top 10 Feel Bad Movies

10. The Cure

Top 10 Feel Bad Movies
It’s not cute, he lost the ability to walk

In the running for most misleading title of all time, this movie is about a little boy with cancer and his river adventures to find a reported cure. Only there is no cure, that’s the point. He finds true bromance instead. And they swap shoes. This is supposed to symbolize something. I think it’s meant to symbolize chemotherapy.

9. Where the Red Fern Grows

Top 10 Feel Bad Movies

The dog dies. But it’s alright, ’cause a parasitic plant feeds off his decaying nutrients. Tell that to your kids when they ask where Buffy went for the summer.

8. A Simple Plan

Top 10 Feel Bad Movies
Guess which one eats a bullet

Proof that capitalism turns normal people into rage infected greed zombies. A group of blue collar folks find a bag of money and are completely incapable of dealing with it. For a sum that would barely cover a car payment in Los Angeles, they fight, shoot, bludgeon, and smother their way into hell.

And for some reason, the hero has to kill his retarded brother at the end. Not sure why.

7. A Clockwork Orange

Top 10 Feel Bad Movies
Hello sir, we’re here to pick up your daughter

There is a rumor that Anthony Burgess wrote an extra chapter where Alex is actually cured and becomes a better person. Instead, Kubrick’s vision treats us to Malcolm McDowell fantasizing about public rape.

6. Night of the Living Dead

Top 10 Feel Bad Movies
Guess which one eats a bullet

Another addition to the “humanity sucks” genre, not only does Night of the Living Dead feature a bunch of corpses that rise from the dead to devour their loved ones (including a young girl who tries to eat her own mother), but the film’s sole survivor is an African-American man who walks out into the clear, pure, majestic sunshine … and is shot by a racist cop.

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