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Top 10 Feel Bad Movies

5. Of Mice and Men

Top 10 Feel Bad Movies
Guess which one eats a bullet

This movie also has a dead dog.

And for some reason, the hero has to kill his retarded friend at the end. Not sure why.

4. The Mist

Top 10 Feel Bad Movies
Guess which one … oh nevermind

A long tirade against religion with the occasional monster thrown in, The Mist could win an Oscar for “Most Rash Decision.”

After a wave of other-worldly creatures descend on a rural supermarket, the denizens resort to human sacrifice within 24 hours. Those that escape the creepy critters and religious zealots drive off in a jeep, where they promptly run out of gas. Within two minutes, the film’s “hero” shoots everyone in the jeep, including his own son.

3. On the Beach

Top 10 Feel Bad Movies
Hug it out, everything will be fine

The world is dying from radioactive fallout. Most people don’t do anything about it, they just walk around on the beach. Some people try to do something about it, they take a submarine to somewhere, but when they get there they find that the thing they were looking for really wasn’t what they were looking for, so they go back to the beach to die with everyone else. That’s pretty much the entire movie.

2. Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Top 10 Feel Bad Movies
Before the world ends, we’d like to talk to you about Scientology

As if the ending to the original Planets of the Apes wasn’t bleak enough, in the sequel Charlton Heston gets shot in the gut, so in retribution he uses his last ounce of dying strength to detonate an atomic weapon that completely destroys the world. The movie ends with this uplifting narration:

“In one of the countless billions of galaxies in the universe, lies a medium-sized star, and one of its satellites, a green and insignificant planet, is now dead.”

1. Requiem for a Dream

Top 10 Feel Bad Movies
Carrot Top in his finest role

Coming in at number one is the most depressing film ever made, Aronofsky’s indie opus, Requiem for a Dream.

Do you think heroine junkies are depressing? Well how about heroine junkies, elder abuse, amphetamines, materialism, T.V. addiction, infomercial propaganda, racism, amputations, overdoses, and public sodomy for money.

But the music is cool.

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  • Jordon said

    Good list! Pretty much any zombie movie can qualify. Though then ending to Night of the living Dead is up there with most depressing endings ever, I think Dawn of the Dead (1977) is more of a feel bad movie. That movie starts out with the main character waking up from a nightmare, then it only gets worse.

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  • DalmatianJaws said

    *Author’s Note*

    Totally had a brain hiccup. The Cure is about AIDS, not cancer.

    My list still stands as Canon, however.

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  • Ed said

    I think The Mist should have been on top. A father shooting hes own son thinking everyone is dead and that thats the best thing he could do for him and a minute later finding out there is other survivors thats some cold S**t.

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  • Boonehams said

    If I were to add anything to this list, it would be The Plague Dogs. From the author of Watership Down comes the story of two dogs that escape from a medical testing facility. Since the dogs are carrying the bubonic plague, enforcers are sent out to kill them before they can spread the disease.

    It’s kind of like Homeward Bound, except instead of two dogs and a cat, it’s just two dogs. And instead of them reaching home and being reunited with their family, one’s shot to death and the other drowns while trying to escape his captors.

    Also, it’s animated, so it probably traumatized a bunch of kids and their unsuspecting parents.

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  • ruben said

    “the Cure” is the best movie ever in this world! i love it ,all the time that i see it makes me cry since start to the end

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  • Anna said

    What great movies. Tear jerkers. Memories watching some of these movies makes me want to get a box of tissues and watch them again.

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  • Tommy said

    How about ‘Very Bad Things’…that movie was totally screwed up. Everyone got a crappy life in the end.

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  • Morissa said

    Good list, BUT “The Clockwork Orange” ‘rumor’ of the extra chapter is NOT a “rumor.” It’s as factual as it gets. Burgess had the book divided into 3 sections of 7 chapters. The last chapter was removed, even though Burgess protested, when it was first published. However, the book in its entirety, including chapter 21 has been published (I own it) and is readily available at Barnes and Noble.

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  • diana said

    in the cure the boy has aids not cancer

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