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Pixar’s Up Soundtrack

Up Soundtrack (Pixar) (Music Score) - Listen To It Here
Michael Giacchino is a busy man. Hot off the impressive Star Trek score, he’s dived into Pixar’s Up soundtrack. This is his third feature for the best-studio-in-the-world, after scoring The Incredibles and Ratatouille.

The Up soundtrack offers quite a bit of standard action music but cleverly blends in classic Glen Milleresque pieces which suit the story perfectly. It’s loaded with 23 cues plus three very odd “sound effect” tracks from Skywalker Sound tacked on to the end. Not sure what to make of that, but I guess it’s pretty neat for the hardcore Pixar fan.

Hype has been huge for the movie. It might be a little too early to be claiming Oscar worthy, but statistically it’s one of the best reviewed Pixar movies to date. The soundtrack may not be up to that level (The Incredibles is still his best), but Giacchino once again proves that between Pixar films and J.J. Abrams projects, he can still keep things fresh.

Here he is talking ‘Up’ –

Listen To Pixar’s Up Soundtrack

Disney aren’t making cds any more, so you can only get it as MP3s here

Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (Music) – Track Listing
1. Up With Titles – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (0:53)
2. We’re In The Club Now – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (0:43)
3. Married Life – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (4:10)
4. Carl Goes Up – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (3:33)
5. 52 Chachki Pickup – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (1:14)
6. Paradise Found – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (1:03)
7. Walkin’ The House – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (1:03)
8. Three Dog Dash – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (0:51)
9. Kevin Beak’n – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (1:14)
10. Canine Conundrum – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (2:03)
11. The Nickel Tour – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (0:52)
12. The Explorer Motel – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (1:26)
13. Escape From Muntz Mountain – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (2:43)
14. Giving Muntz The Bird – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (1:57)
15. Stuff We Did – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (2:13)
16. Memories Can Weigh You Down – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (1:22)
17. The Small Mailman Returns – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (3:11)
18. He’s Got The Bird – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (0:29)
19. Seizing The Spirit Of Adventure – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (5:19)
20. It’s Just A House – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (1:59)
21. The Ellie Badge – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (1:30)
22. Up With End Credits – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (7:38)
23. The Spirit Of Adventure – Pixar’s Up Soundtrack (2:30)
24. Carl’s Maiden Voyage – Skywalker Sound (0:52)
25. Muntz’s Dark Reverie – Skywalker Sound (0:52)
26. Meet Kevin In The Jungle – Skywalker Sound (1:32)

Leave your thoughts on the Up Soundtrack in the comments.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    I love any movie that has a sense of, and a flair for referencing, film history. By all accounts Pixar have done a great job of that visually and musically in this film.

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  • Sara said

    The music was absolutely beautiful, well done!! I cannot wait until the soundtrack is available in stores. I personally like to have a hard copy.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • Clara said

    I truly loved the movie “UP”. It was a masterpiece and moved me. I will buy the soundtrack when it’s out.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • Rae Bloomfield said

    The music/movie was fantastic, but give credit when credit is due; Bizet and especially Satie are all over that soundtrack!

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  • Brandon said

    What is the piano theme played throughout the majority of the movie? (eg when Ellie dies it plays really slow)

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • Bryan said

    I agree. I really want to know what the piano song is that Brandon mentioned, and who composed it.

    For some reason Grieg popped into my mind, but that can’t be right.

    In the soundtrack, its called Married Life, but…

    Who is the real composer?
    Thank you!

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  • Susan said

    the song is “married life” and it’s by Michael Giacchino

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  • Amber said

    I just want the PIANO that music was played on. Any ideas?

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  • Connie said

    I agree, I really like the really slow piano (when ellie dies). i think what you’re looking for is “The Ellie Badge.” It’s like the slow version of “Married Life.” However it isn’t a piano solo, it has the orchestra in the background as well.

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  • Porgy said


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  • Colleen said

    I absolutely <3 this movie!!! The music makes me want to cry every time I listen to it because it’s so beautiful!! The song the Ellie badge especially!! The music is moving && inspirational!! I love who ever composed it! they’re truly talented! i <3 up! C:

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  • Pam said

    Awww this is the best movie ever and it makes me cry every time i see it i dont know but it touche my soul <3 great solo piano

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  • Fx said

    Can anyone tell me what’s the classical piece for when Carl used the stairlift to get to the main floor of the house? Bugs me that I can’t recall. Thanks. Fx

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  • tiny said

    Habanera from Carmen

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  • Richard said

    Can anyone tell me what’s the classical piece for when Carl used the stairlift to get to the main floor of the house?

    Dear Fx, I think it’s “Habanera” from Georges Bizet’s opera CARMEN. Hope this helps; it bugged me too, not remembering !

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