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Top 10 Slasher Movies

Best Horror Movies - Top 10 Best Slasher FilmsWhat makes a great slasher film? Usually a lone, iconic villain who systematically stalks and kills his victims with something sharp, and then gets his ass kicked by a girl at the end.

Here are the top 10 best slasher movies ever made.

10. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Best Horror Movies - Slasher Films

Well received by indie-critics, largely ignored by horror fans, this flick is fun and clever, if at times a bit slow moving. A behind-the-scenes mockumentary about the slasher world’s latest rising star … the scenes that explain the silliest of slasher movies conceits are hilarious and the performance by talented nobody Nathan Baesel is so awesome it should have elevated him to leading man status rather than occasional side character on crappy network television.

9. Black Christmas (1974)

Best Horror Movies - Slasher Films

If this was a message board, Black Christmas would be posting ‘First!’ for killer POV camera, weird phone calls, and well known calendar date setting. Members of a sorority house are stalked over Christmas by a gibbering stranger. Still creepy as hell.

8. American Psycho

Best Horror Movies - Slasher Films

The only slasher with a business card and a beauty regime. Christian Bale goes nuts on Wall Street and trashes everybody’s lights in an amazing performance.

7. Child’s Play

good slasher films

Until they showed him and he looked like a perverted Muppet, this flick was TRULY creepy. The pitter-patter of little demonic feet is about the scariest thing there is.

6. Friday the 13th

top slasher movies

Not as good as people remember, and the mask doesn’t even show up till the THIRD movie, but this subtle interpretation of Freudian theory is a must-see blood fest, if for nothing else than Kevin Bacon’s post-coital massacre.

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