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Evil Dead 4 / Remake – Sequel Plans

Evil Dead 4 - Sequel Plans

Direct from Sam Raimi – “I’d love to make another Evil Dead picture. And actually that’s in the wheelhouse. I’d like to work on it with my brother Ivan when he comes up next week.”

That’s what we just heard here at Comic-Con 2008.

This fourth film could be ‘Evil Dead 4’, or the rumoured Evil Dead remake.

And he would like to work with Bruce Campbell again – He said he wants to test Bruce’s pain tolerance. Awesome! Does this mean he’s offering him the lead? Not necessarily – If the fourth film is a remake we think the central role is going to go to a younger actor.

Geeks and horror-lovers, let’s hope this makes it all the way to fruition.

Leave your reaction to the idea of Evil Dead 4 / Remake and Bruce Campbell’s involvement in the comments.

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  • John Kuhl said

    After seeing “Drag Me To Hell”, I am ready for the continuation of the Evil Dead saga. It would be good to see Bruce Campbell back in the roll that made him a household name. A cabin in the woods, the book of the dead, and Ash. Fun to be had by all.

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  • frank said

    they gotta bring back bruce campbell, the boom-stick, the ’73 oldsmobile, everything that made those movies great! do it right, or dont even bother!

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