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John McCain In Wedding Crashers

Here’s a cameo you probably missed the first time round. Presidental nominee John McCain was in Wedding Crashers. For real.

Vince Vaughn certainly seems impressed by his appearance, mouthing the word “Wow”.

…Not sure if Owen Wilson is staring dreamily at Rachel McAdams or McCain at the end there.

How does this impact the race for the White House? Can we expect to find him hidden somewhere in Fred Claus in a couple of years?

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  • Tom said

    Haha! Amazing. Whether or not this will effect his campaign depends on who reports it and to what degree – and thus who will be picking up on it. I don’t think he’s going to seal the deal with the youth of the USA through an appearance in Wedding Crashers though.

    This gives me an idea for a top ten, Top Ten cameos from Politicians. That is, if any others exist!

    A great find!

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  • So what? said

    Come on people, McCain is not the ‘movie star’ of the movie. The McCain ad was referring to the people treating Obama like a ‘ movie star’ as if he is this A list actor. McCain is not being treated like an A list actor in this movie, he’s there for like a minute. In the ad, Obama should not have been compared to Moses because Moses would be a better president than he, but I understand the point the ad was trying to make. Take a joke people, and move on.

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  • Angel Orona said

    Does anybody know what the hell happened to Rachel McAdams? She was hot for a minute-and-a-half but seems to have dropped off the radar faster than Rachael Leigh Cook.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    She was good in Red Eye. She’s 31 now, that’s past it in Hollywood’s eyes, when it comes to leading ladies (unless you’re a really big name).

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  • Steve said

    So McCain’s the one appearing in popular movies such as Wedding Crashers yet he’s calling out Obama for being one of the biggest celebrities in the country? Hm…once again he proves to be a hypocrite.

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  • Ryann said

    I just watched this movie last night and saw that for myself. I was wondering if there was a website up about this. And sure enough there is. This was so crazy to find out yo. I wonder if this will affect his campaign. As if an automobile accident isn’t enough…lol.

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  • RichRob12 said

    Im watching WC right now and i was like that sounds like John Mccain. So i went on the web to see if that really was him and it was.

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  • website said

    haha thats funny.

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