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Top 10 Sweatiest Movies

As the summer heat peaks on us all, there is one and only thing our body knows how to do. And that is sweat. This miraculous ability of our bodies to both make us gross and unreasonably sexy (or feral, sensual, animal, take your pick) has been captured on film in many different ways. Whether it be used to arouse or sicken, sweat has made an undeniable impact on the world of cinema. So now, we pay tribute to the films that have captured this phenomena and used it to raise the body’s base functions to a higher art. These are the sweatiest films.

10. Summer of Sam


One of the few movies where a little summer heat leads to a bunch of men beating up Adrian Brody. Sure, there’s a serial killer on the loose killing anyone making out in their cars, but still, the heat is no excuse for our short tempered Bronx pals to go off on poor little alternative lifestyle Brody like that. The movie is also chalk-full of John Leguizamo getting it on, and I’d imagine a fair amount of sweat showed up. After all, it is summer.

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