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Top 10 Sweatiest Movies

7. Mad Max


Australia, one of the hottest countries around. Or so those of us in the states (especially in the Pacific Northwest) assume. The movie establishes that the highway patrol doesn’t exactly have a budget, so I’m sure things got hot as hell in those cars under the desert sun without air conditioning. To top it all off, Max’s outfit of choice is tight black leather, only adding to the heat. The only time a character gets a break is when his wife goes for a dip. Just a shame this means she only has about five minutes left to live. Either way, I’m sure if the sun wasn’t as hot, Max wouldn’t be Mad, only irritated.

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  • The Mutt said

    This question was asked in an episode of Cheers. The answer?

    “Cool Hand Luke. No question.”

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  • David Johansen said

    Do the right thing…no doubt

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  • Ryan said

    Naomi Watts in Children Of The Corn 4 – The Gathering. She basically sweats throughout the whole movie, and it looks great!

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  • Roger said

    300? Sparticus? Gladiator… hell all three of these deserve to be on this list but at least one definitely should have made it. Without at least one the list is not valid.

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  • Gwiz said

    I learned that the “Bedazzled” sweaty part is a rip off of Airplane.

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  • John said

    What about “Bridge on the River Kwai”? It has a sweatbox for gosh sakes!

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  • Atiq Rahman said

    Paul: you hit it on the head! (“Cool Hand Luke” and “Body Heat”.) Those two were the ones I was going to name. Kudos also to those who mentioned “Do the Right Thing”. Honorable mentions must also go to “Raging Bull” and any of the spaghetti westerns.

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  • ChuckE8338 said

    I agree with Paul Sak; “Body Heat” deserves a mention. And Val Kilmer dripped enough to flood the Pineridge Rez in “Thunderheart.” Expand the list to 25.

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  • Laraneia said

    Try watching Top Gun on Blue Ray ’nuff said 🙂

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  • Douglas said
  • G said

    What about Apocalypse Now. A fat Marlon Brando weezing in the hot tropical sun. Very very sweaty, and not in a good way

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  • Scot said

    It may be a bit obscure to most of the readers here, but I’d add the 1961 British sci-fi drama “The Day The Earth Caught Fire” to the list. After nuclear bomb tests accidentally shift the Earth’s orbit and send us hurtling toward the sun (don’t ask), things start to get very sweaty indeed. Cute, sexy Janet Munro looks especially memorable covered in sweat.

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  • Gent said

    Cool Hand Luke tops them all! You can almost smell the BO while watching it. Taking it off here, boss!

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  • bobby said

    Someone’s never seen cool hand Luke.

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  • RossE said

    Cool Hand Luke

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