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The Penguin

The Penguin

Lover of birds and high-tech deadly umbrellas, The Penguin is a dangerous ‘gentleman’ mobster who runs a nightclub as a front. Normally just short and obese, Tim Burton’s version made him deformed.

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  • Jake said

    I think Black Mask would be awasome! They already annonced that Bane and Catwomen will be used for The Dark Knight Rises, but I think Black Mask would be brillaint in the Nolan universe. He’s involved with the mob and the criminal underworld, that’s perfect.

    I don’t think Joker should return. Heath was incredible and no one can replace him. Two Face is dead, and Scarecrow is in Arkham Asylum or prison. They should use Bane, Catwomen, Black Mask, and The Mad Hatter. Lots of villains, but one awasome film!

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  • Shane said

    riddler totally he crazy but jim carrey did good as him so it be hard to find someone that can pull it off??

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  • ms.chaos20 said

    i think that they should bring in harley quinn, seeings how they will have to kill of the joker. so harley quinn should be brought in to advenge his death and of course poison ivy should be in it too since they are like bffs.

    two face should also be in it cause there is no way that he is dead, dent might be but two face isn’t

    catwoman might be thrown in there some where and also bane might also appear.

    so my guesses are: harley quinn, poison ivy, two face, bane and cat woman…..they all might not be major characters, but i think that they will show up.

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  • Jennifer said

    I think it will be Catwoman, Bane, Hugo Strange, Scarecrow and maybe the penguin.

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  • Rene said

    I personally will not watch this movie as no one could have captured the Joker like Heath Ledger and I don’t wish to see a second best. He defined the Joker and made it his. In his memory I would hate to see the Joker brought back in anything. May he rest in peace!

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  • Ellie said

    I’m hoping for Poison Ivy and Harley Quin, but I’m getting the feeling that Harley Quin and the Joker are a package deal. So many people are saying no to the Joker though, so I’ll go with Mr Freeze, because the reason he is a criminal is not for money, but because of his dear wife. His character has so much depth. I love it.
    Hugo Strange, The Black Mask, and the Catwoman are some good choices, too. I’d love to see Poison Ivy to make some kind of appearance too.

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  • Witterj1 said

    I think Prof. Hugo Strange would be great. More psychological drama.

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  • Aman said

    I think Bane, Catwoman, and Mr. Penguin be in it

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  • Scorake said

    I think the point that everyone is missing is, were talking about Harley Quinn here! NOT the joker. I do agree with alot of u dat to do the Joker like Heath Ledger did is near impossible, but again, were talking about Harley Quinn, and as much as Harley Quinn has ALOT to do with the Joker, she has flew solo alot of times, especially with Poison Ivy. Maybe they can add Harley Quinn, use up what 10 minutes of the film to show the story of how Dr. Harleen Quinzel met the Joker in the Aslyum and became Harley Quinn, and then just use her as a solo villain in the new film, or make it a duo with Poison Ivy too.

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  • Robert Rickett II said

    come on people, lets have some one new in the mix. we have seen them all but scare crow, he the only new one. I have an idea, how about the vantriliquist, and jeff dunham could play the part. Or how aboutblack mask, or more of zassz, come on, not the same old charaters, please. ( hey, i know, lets make a batman movie that is the best and we will do it with charaters every one has already done!!!! NOT!) Lets see some one new, grundy, some one…… thanx

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  • Izzy said

    Riddler, Harley Quinn, and bane

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  • crazy dvl said

    i believe hmmm i rather demand, riddler should be back. Come on the ark nemesis next to joker is the riddler (mysterious and full of surprises)…..

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  • 8ball said

    i think it should be the riddler played by eminem.man he could rap riddels around bats so tight………….

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  • quentin simmons said

    I think the way the dark knight ended wold be a perfect set up to intoduce the killer croc and also bring other characters in to the batman movie seen to get away from using mainstream characters that every batman movies has keep up the good work awsome trilogy

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