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death race soundtrack (music score) - listen
So here’s the Death Race soundtrack. You may know Paul W.S. Anderson (or PWSA as the texting kids call him) as head teacher at the Uwe Boll school of video-games-to-cinema-slaughter. His most recent effort isn’t necessarily a video game, (although I’m sure they made one and it’s sitting in the bargain bins of your local gaming store right now) it’s more of a very loose remake of 1975’s Death Race 2000. I say very loose in the fact that the only similarity between the two films is that they both feature a race, and there’s probably some death involved as well.

The music itself though, is not a rehash. The Death Race score was composed by ex Tangerine Dreamer, Paul Haslinger, whose body of work as a composer seems to follow a specific genre trend: Mostly teen demographic popcorners (yeah, I just made that word up), and a few video game titles.

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What Paul Haslinger pulls out for this film is a blend of hypnotic, hard driving industrial elements along with classic orchestral arrangements that really work well with the films saturated color mood. In fact, I really like the drab, droning menace that this score provides. A lot of great open string guitars and industrial pipe clanging that make me pray that they don’t bury this score under the usual action sound effect soundtrack. Usually with directors like this, a lot of the score gets stifled in the mix. Let it breathe Paul… Let it breathe. It’s OK to sometimes let the music speak instead of the actors.

I like to think that any film, good or bad, can be made better with a prominent and interesting soundtrack, and Paul Haslinger’s work, for me, has made this film better.

Listen To The Death Race Soundtrack:

You can buy it here

1. A Hard Sport For A Hard Age (01:48)
2. Grim The Reaper (01:39)
3. Death Race Main Titles (03:01)
4. Riot (01:12)
5. Prison Arrival (02:28)
6. Meet The Monster (01:51)
7. Punch It (03:42)
8. Frank Walk (02:08)
9. Hennessey (00:11)
10. Say What (01:58)
11. Man On A Rampage (02:35)
12. You Are Not Fit For Society (03:05)
13. Lose Him Or Kill Him (01:40)
14. Solitary (00:43)
15. The Final Race (04:18)
16. Good Luck Joe (02:08)
17. Frank Surrenders (00:58)
18. Terminal (01:19)
19. A Chance For Something Else (04:16)

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Goddamn it, you’ve almost made me want to see this movie.

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  • Wyngarde said

    I’ll see this. And I listen as hard as I can to the soundtrack. I may even body-beat along with it!

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  • John said

    I can’t be held responsible!
    The music was good but I can’t condone the film.
    I’m a big fan of the original and this to me, is an abomination.

    These “re-imaginings” will not stop until all of us are dead… or until we stop paying to go see them.

    Whichever comes first.

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  • shayn said

    where is the song click clack at on the sound track from the movie?? i want that song….

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  • gabi said

    when the girls arrive at the prison there is a melody i am so disperate to find it can u help me ?

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  • sauce boss said

    wassup if u want the music click clack type on you toube click clack its from slim thug i was lookin for it after i saw the movie holla bck

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  • hadawada said


    if you haven’t found out yet…Grown woman – Mary J. Blige.


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  • crackbox joe said

    hey does any one know the song that david banner sings in this movie ?? whats it called ?

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  • Machine Gun Joe said

    does any1 know the song when the girls get off the bus and the guys go crazy pplz some1!?!?!?!?

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  • Jess said

    Hadawada was right… it’s Mary J Blige ft. Ludacris- grown woman. Download it, it’s great!!:)

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  • ~L~ said

    Does anyone know the name of the melody at 73:11? It is a little after they destroy the “monster” that the lady built.

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  • unik said

    click clack – slim thug thats the “click clack” song thats not on the sound track

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  • lady_Jin said

    click clack by slim thug I got off limewire 🙂

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  • Doruk said

    does anyone know the song, at the end of the movie, when the girl gets out of the muscle car???

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  • Jess said

    yes, it’s Grown Woman by Mary J Blige

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