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Star Wars Wedding


I think you know you’ve married a geek when this is your wedding album.

The romantic couple, both 36, decided to get married as Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma in their backyard in Portland, Oregon. Or rather, I’d guess, he did, and she went along with it.

The bride and groom were led out from their house into the garden by a line of Imperial Stomtroopers.


The Star Wars wedding was presided over by Yoda, who had secured his marriage licence off the internet in the weeks beforehand.

The ringbearer was slavegirl Princess Leia. Who didn’t upstage the bride in any way.

They then cut the AT-AT wedding cake, and had Ewok cupcakes.

Unlike Anakin Skywalker and Padme, this wedding did not take place in secret. …Though it probably should have done.

Source: Joe Alterio

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  • James said

    “It’s a Trap!”

    Pure brilliance, we here at RedFence laughed uncontrollably.

    Also acceptable, “Her vagina cannot repel power of this magnitude!”

    Or, maybe NOT so acceptable …

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  • Tyler Lovemark said

    This was in Portland? How in the hell did I miss this?!

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  • Adam Mason said

    Wow… just… wow.

    I feel a little bad for the R2D2 Baby – damned before s/he could speak.

    Although I am laughing at the mental image of Ackbar and Mon Mothma getting jiggy in the bedroom.

    Why the hell would you want to dress as them? Surely it would be much (well, a little) cooler to be Han and Leia?

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  • James said

    Luke and Leia would even be cooler … just more kinky

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  • roliver25 said

    Without the mask and the strange orange gloves he’s just an officer and a gentleman.

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  • Shy said

    Actually, the Bride and Groom decided on it at the same time. After he popped the question, they chimed “Star Wars Wedding!!!”

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  • Force FX said

    “This wedding did not take place in secret. …Though it probably should have done.”

    LOL, that made me laugh.
    Certainly one of the less sane marriages I have heard of. Although I did hear of a Hello Kitty themed marriage in Japan that might just upstage this one…

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  • darth lightsaber said

    You should have sold tix to the wedding. Awesome idea!

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  • website said

    love it, great idea

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  • kitkabloey said

    hehe i like it when they have the r2d2 pepsi container and they have diet coke inside it xD

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