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John Carpenter’s The Thing – Sweded

The Thing, sweded. I don’t really enjoy the sweded movies that have cropped up all over the place, but dammit, this one is too good to ignore. My enthusiasm may be based entirely on my love of the film in question though. If you’ve watched The Thing more than once, this is for you.

Wait, what is a ‘sweded’ movie you ask? The term originates from this year’s not-as-good-as-it-promised-to-be Be Kind Rewind in which characters re-filmed popular movies on a zero budget, using household items for props and never recording more than a single take.

This may sound ridiculous, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the effects in this are better than those that turn up in the proposed remake, with its no doubt cgi-y approach – Let’s hear a cheer for practical effects, even when they’re deliberately rubbish, they’re still pretty good.

Oh and if that 6 minute version left you wanting more, you can watch the 15 minute version here.

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  • James said

    Laughed SO HARD. these guys are so passionate about this, it’s actually more entertaining AND better quality tahn any of the big budget Michael Bay remakes! I’ve watched this at least five times, so freakign funny. That guy doing the wilford Brimley impression deserves some sort of award. I demand Movie-Moron start making awards.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    If we staged a ceremony we’d have to give awards for turning up.

    Concerning the spider head scene, we’re so used to seeing flamethrowers on screen, it doesn’t even register how dangerous it is when you do it for real.

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  • blatattack said

    Best swede I have ever seen. The beard on ‘Kurt Russell’ is arguably better than the beard on the REAL Kurt Russell.

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  • James said

    Better beard? Those are some pretty strong words my friend, strong indeed.

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  • Angel Orona said

    Now THESE are the guys who should be getting movie deals. Sadly ingenuity isn’t given much clout in Hollywood.

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  • Crispy said

    I agree with Angel. This is brilliant!

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  • AL said


    Nice going guys. I love the original but this “reimagining” is brilliant.

    Kathleen O’Malley-very cute
    Best Actor- Mario as Copper. the head twist when they find the block of ice….Classic
    THAT guy should have got more lines (and the porkchop sideburns almost upstage the Mac beard)
    “What happened here?” funny as hell
    “I’m smarter than the average bear” line. delivered exactly like Blair did in the original

    On a more serious note
    The Blue and red lighting in the Blair in the shed scene was perfect

    Well done…..Horrendous but well done

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