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G.I. Joe 2 – Sequel Plans

G.I. Joe 2 - Sequel Plans
There’s been a lot of G.I. Joe 2 talk in the last few days, so what should you expect from a sequel, and how likely is it?

Stephen Sommers, the director, has every intention of staying on. These are his thoughts on what happens next –

“Because the mythology is all there, there’s a lot of interesting stuff. Like, something you don’t know yet is who killed Hard Master. The hardcore G.I. Joe fans know it wasn’t Storm Shadow. …I hope I get to do a sequel…We had a blast…To hang out with these people again would be just heaven.”

The producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, also adds “We discussed at length about what really did happen with the Hard Master.”

And which new characters does di Bonaventura want to use in G.I. Joe 2? –

“[As] we did with Transformers, you try to pick the most popular ones, and then if you’re lucky enough to make another one, you use the next most popular… I think Flint’s a cool character. And I’ve always liked the name Roadblock. I just think that’s one of the greatest names ever. So somehow we’ve got to figure out how to get Roadblock in. I’m not sure I even like the character, but I love the name.”

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra had a reported budget of $170m, so it needs to make some serious coin to secure a sequel, but with a strong opening weekend ($54m) and not-awful word of mouth, the chances are good once international box office is factored in.

What would you like to see happen in G.I. Joe 2? Which new characters should be introduced? How can they improve on the first one? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Sources: Cinematical, IGN

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  • Mr. Jay said

    First of all, I loved “The Rise of the Cobra”. I’m a huge GI Joe fan. I was a little thrown off by Ripcord being black. I was like,” I don’t remember him being a black man.” Again the movie was great. I didn’t like the Cobra commander’s mask. It looked weird. I wouldn’t been offended had you decided to go with the white glass like in the cartoon. I’m a black man myself and I would not have thought about the klu klux klan. That movie was so good, I’m gonna go see it again.

    I’d like to see more villains in the sequels, like the twin crimson guards commanders “Tomax and Xamot”
    Maybe destro and Dr. Mindbender will make plans to get rid of the Cobra commander and create “Serpentor”
    Would there be anyway to put Sgt. Slaughter and his renegades in the movie.
    Common would have made a great Roadblock.
    There are other chacters I would like to see as well, like Low Light, Major Bludd, Quick Kick,
    Man I could go on and on. The possibilties with this movie are endless.
    Keep me posted…
    Yo Joe!!!

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  • Franklin A. said

    The movie was awesome and I’ll probably go see it again. The only disappointment for me was that Lady J wasn’t in it. See has to be in the sequel.

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  • scandal5 said

    Ship wreck played by John Leguizamo, Road block played by the guy that played morris chestnut, the matrix twins as the tomax and xamot. low light played by Chris evans. they need to bring in beach head. Bazooka played by gerard butler. Lady jaye played by milla jovavich. Brendan Fraisier would have been better as Flint. Also they need to have the dredknocks come into the sequel, they should cast the nazi guys from smokin aces. Tommy flanigan or vinnie jones as major blud. dusty played by ben foster. liev schrieber as flint. they should use more of the vehicles and the terror dome. just some thoughts.

    but the movie was amazing and very nostalgic.

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  • Michael said

    GI Joe the movie is awesome. it focuses mainly on nanotechnology. this movie should have been made a couple of years ago.

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  • Jason said

    Yeah I agree… Marlon Wayans could have been Roadblock or Stalker… this was one of the rare mid 1900s lines that had reasonable black character options… but at the same time it added more of the “all races and creeds” theme.

    I liked the movie… but I tell you one thing… STORM SHADOW BETTER NOT BE DEAD! The main rivalry of the damn series(and half the reason I watched the cartoon) and they kill him off in the 1st one?? No way.

    I’d like to see Gung Ho and Stalker(especially with his history with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow) and Major Bludd and Firefly for the Cobras… and umm… why did they have Dr. Mindbender BECOME Cobra Commander?? Did I miss an episode or somethin.

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    • jon said

      dr mindbender did not become cobra commander, he taught rex about the nanomites. remeber the guy in the bunker that got hit by the air strike, rex and dr mindbender were in it. watch it again.

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  • Jason said

    wait a minute… Brendan Fraser was Slaughter? lol

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  • zach said

    Joes: Definetly Flint, Lady Jaye, Beachhead, Dusty, Gung Ho and Shipwreck and after them maybe Wild Bill, the real life Sgt Slaughter(cameo drill sargeant), Roadblock, Doc or Lifeline or both, Quick Kick, Dial Tone, Alpine, Spirit

    Cobra: Major Blood, Firefly, The Crimson Twins, CC said he saved Dr. Mindbender so him also. The Dreadnoks(Buzzer, Torch, and Ripper) and please dont make Baroness a Joe.. shes evil… and is in love with Destro…

    Brenden Fraser was sgt stone or something… must be a comic book character… not gung ho or slaughter

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  • Snake Eyes said

    hey jason, they had rex become cobra commander just like the cartoon mr.mindbender changed rex

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  • cody said

    i think the 1st one was awsome. they need to put fire fly in this one and gung ho.

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  • KILLER JOKE said

    On the “Joes” side, I want to see Brendan Fraisier come back using the code name of “Flint” and Brooke Langton from ‘The Replacements’ as “Lady J”. I want to see Sgt. Slaughter, played by a totally bald, brown mustached Hulk Hogan. I want to see Beach Head, Gung-Ho, and Shipwreck as well. But I would also like to see Roadblock (played by Tommy Lister from “Friday”)step in, when his best friend, “Heavy Duty” gets killed.

    As far as Cobra goes, there should be two types of Cobra soldiers. the standard ones who now wear a modified version of the suits worn by them in the first movie (with a slotted opened eye hole in the mask and the Cobra symbol on the chest), and a “viper” class soldier enhanced with nano-mites and wearing the stolen “Delta 6” suits once owned by the GI-Joe team (re-painted and modified with a bullet-proof, mirrored face shield). Commander should have his classic mask back (utilizing the same bullet-proof, mirrored face shield), and the cobra symbol on his uniform. I want to see the crimson guard put in place to protect Cobra Commander. They should be clones of the prototype in Cobra’s “super soldier” experiment that Mindbender is working on, and Xamot should be a clone of Tomax (the prototype), played by Aidan Turner from BBC television’s “Being Human”. The reason the twins are linked the way they are, is because the Commander rushed Dr. Mindbender into creating the first clone without finishing the proper testing. I want to see Zartan like I remember him. He needs his hood and a black mask around his eyes. They can cause something to happen to him that messes with the nano-mites a little and cause him to have to cover up sometimes when they act up. I think it would be cool to see Zartan become linked to the Australian Motor Cycle gang known as “The Dreadnoks” when his brother, Alexander Zartan, (known as “Zandar”) joins the gang, and decides to pay his brother a visit. It wouldn’t take long for Zartan’s nano-mite enhancements to allow him to take them over, and run the show. Major Bludd needs to be in the next one, played by a goatee sporting Michael Wincott, and he needs to have a personal mission to take out the Joe that “cost him his eye.” Fire-Fly would be cool to see (using a stolen GI-Joe camouflage suit). Storm Shadow MUST ‘return from the dead’ and the Baroness MUST get pulled back into Cobra (but with a glitch in her programming that lets her still feel just a hint of a bond to Duke, in spite of her now passionate and permanent love for Destro).

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  • Jason said

    Well as to the Brendan Fraser as slaughter topic I went back and slowed down the clip he was in… Heavy Duty called him Slaughter… check it out

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  • Zack said

    For the Joe’s it is an absolute must to add in Flint, Stalker, Road Block, and Shipwreck. It would also be really cool to see an appearance of General Flagg from the Marvel series.

    As for the Cobra’s, absolutely NO Serpentor or Dreadknocks. I thought they were all too goofy and cartoony. They should however bring in Firefly, Major Bludd, and Tomax and Xamot. Oh, and Storm Shadow better not be dead!

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  • Antony said

    Someone suggested Dane Cook as Clutch (perfect!Plus lots of opportunity for him to work his wise guy schtik on Scarlet!) and I’ve been thinking Joe Flanigan as Flint or Falcon, Adam Beach as Airborne, Wes Studi as Spirirt and how how about Mr Thomas Haden Church as Wild Bill – how cool would that be?
    And lets get the Dreadnocks and Major Blood in there as well!

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  • peter said

    I think Lady Jane should be played by no other than Winona Ryder she looks like lady jane in the cartoon!!!!

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  • Ja mac said

    Ok Marlon Wayans should have played Alpine anyone that is a fan knows that and it is mind boggling to me why they didnt do that. Snake eyes doesnt need a mouth either. other than taht I’ve fine with what they did even though the baroness didnt have her accent.

    For sequel, Lady J and flint need to be included and the crimson twins and the dreadnoks also. If done right, the sequel could be one of the hottest movies ever!!!!

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