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Boy Meets Girl
Bill Murray is Phil, a weatherman begrudgingly covering the Groundhog Day festivities in Punxsutawney. Rita, his producer, thinks he’s a jerk. Because he is a jerk. He’s a sour-faced, gloomy, whiny, self-important jerk. It’s hilarious.

Boy Loses Girl
Phil, like most weathermen, is actually not able to predict the weather, and get’s trapped in Punxsutawney during a crazy-ass blizzard. But not any old crazy-ass blizzard, a cosmic time-loop-inducing crazy-ass blizzard. Phil relives the same day over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. He starts to abuse the situation, because none of his jerky jerkishness has any consequence. He starts to abuse the situation, because none of his jerky jerkishness has any consequence. He tries to get Rita to fall for him, and fails. But Rita inspires him to be a better person.

Boy Gets Girl Back
Phil realises the error of his ways, he does everything he can to be the kind of person that deserves Rita’s love. He breaks the time loop.

Why It’s Cool
Because Bill Murray. Because Time Travel. Because the groundhog is always right but still drives angry.


Top 10 Best Romantic Comedies
Boy Meets Girl
Robbie, the wedding singer, makes friends with Julia at a wedding she’s catering. He invites her to his wedding, which goes south when the bride doesn’t show up. Julia desperately tries to combat Robbie’s suicidal depression, and love blossoms.

Boy Loses Girl
Problem is…Julia’s engaged. To a guy named Glenn Gulia. Glenn Gulia is a douche, and it’s when Robbie points this out, that he loses Julia’s friendship.

Boy Gets Girl Back
After giving up on the whole situation for a little while, Robbie is inspired, and pursues Julia. Culminating in a mid-flight serenade as she flies to her Vegas wedding with douchey Glenn, who is douchey. She is moved to tears. And love.

Why It’s Cool
Again, chemistry. Barrymore and Sandler, despite being an odd pairing, work really well together on screen. The over-the-top 80s setting adds to the comedy.


Top 10 Best Romantic Comedies
Boy Meets Girl
Actually…they already met, and things are serious from the get-go. The movie opens with a montage of Greg Focker and Pam Byrnes falling in love, and in the first scene Greg is about to propose to Pam, but before he can he’s upstaged – Pam’s sister is getting married. Which means all the family is getting together, which mean Greg gets to meet Pam’s parents. Pam’s father Jack is a scary, scary man.

Boy Loses Girl
Over the course of the movie Greg, although he’s already got the girl, just can’t seem to do anything right. Everything he tries to do, he fails at. Sometime after desecrating the remains of Pam’s grandmother, breaking her sister’s nose, burning down that same sister’s alter, spray painting a cat, accusing his prospective father in-law of espionage and being exposed as a Gaylord Focker, the relationship is over.

Boy Gets Girl Back
Jack, after discovering his prospective son-in-law was a Gaylord and not a Greg, is proven to have been mistaken about his assumption that Greg was a liar. Sort of, seeing as how he lied about his name… Whatever, Jack rushes to the airport and Greg declares his love for Pam to Jack. He gets her back.

Why It’s Cool
Greg’s only real failing is that he tries too hard, he feels the weight of expectation, and instead of presenting himself honestly he presents himself the way that he feels he should. Everyone can relate to feeling intimidated and behaving out of character. And he doesn’t have to change at all to win the girl back, he was a nice guy all along.


Best Romantic Comedy 2004
Boy Meets Girl
Miles (Paul Giamatti) is the very opposite of the traditional leading man in a romantic comedy, he’s a deeply depressed, irritable, balding, gnome-faced slouch who steals money from his mother and “goes to the dark side” when he’s drunk too much. On a road trip through Californian wine country to celebrate his friend Jack’s (Thomas Haden Church) upcoming wedding, Miles encounters Maya (Virginia Madsen) and they bond through a shared passion for wine and wine making.

Boy Loses Girl
Friend Jack starts boning Maya’s best friend. But Jack is getting married on Saturday. The secret slips out and Miles is held responsible.

Boy Gets Girl Back
After getting dumped, Miles finds his book has been rejected by publishers, gets chased by a naked man, has his car crashed into a tree, and discovers his cherished ex-wife is pregnant by her new man. Luckily he returns home to find a conciliatory answer phone message from Maya. She’s even read his unpublished book – both boxes of it.

Why It’s Cool
Beautiful sun-kissed scenery, great chemistry and a romance that focuses on middle aged men who have achieved next to nothing. It’s warm, funny, moving and never takes itself too seriously.

500 DAYS OF SUMMER (2009)

Best Romantic Comedies 2009
Boy Meets Girl
Summer is the new girl working for the greetings card company where Tom works, Tom digs her. She tells Tom she likes the music he’s listening to, and he falls in love with her. Simple as. Summer doesn’t believe in love, but Tom’s so into her, he agrees to have a more ‘casual’ relationship with her.

Boy Loses Girl
Casual doesn’t work out so well, what with Tom being so crazy in love he should feature Jay Z. Summer ends it because, well, because of the reasons she stated when they were getting into the relationship in the first place. Kind of out of the blue though, still…

Boy Gets Girl Back
Nope. 500 days, it’s in the title.

Why It’s Cool
It has style and substance, and it’s genuinely different in spite of hitting almost every note in the rom-com handbook. Impressive, and funny as hell.

What do you think are the top romantic comedies? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    I like everything on the list, I’d also recommend Knocked Up, Say Anything, As Good As It Gets, High Fidelity, The Princess Bride (I guess it’s a romantic comedy?), and Annie Hall.

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  • Ashleigh said

    I would also recommend It Happened One Night – the prototype for all rom-coms that followed but still one of the best!

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  • Admiral Ass'Cannon said

    Interesting list, but FATHER OF THE BRIDE over FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL? Madness.

    Also, I highly recommend WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING – an underrated classic.

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  • DeadSerious said

    The clip from 500 Days seems eerily similar to the opening of Get Over it…right down to the marching band. They could be bookends of a relationship.

    And how could you not include Harold and Maude?? (Although I like the ones on the list, so I’m not sure what it would replace!)

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  • Thom said

    It’s quite hard to tell what is classed as a rom-com nowadays. Can Anchorman, Dewey Cox: Walk Hard, Shrek or Nacho Libre be classed as a rom-com? When does a comedy with a romance in it become a rom-com? Do we judge it by how funny it is or how romantic it is?

    My wife and I really enjoy watching “Down with Love”, it’s very stupid and light-hearted but it works for us!

    I have to disagree with Sideways. That was really dull. I can appreciate that older people would enjoy it a lot though. Swap that for 40-Year Old Virgin on the list.

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  • Adrian said

    Surely As Good As It Gets over Meet The Parents, High Fidelty over Father Of The Bride and although I’m not fond of his acting Jim Carey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Oh and also Gross Pointe Blank, I mean an assassin falling in love with a great soundtrack and True Romance. So many more that qualify.

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  • Rich said

    Missed the best romantic comedy of all, Annie Hall. Also, Love Actually tops several on this list.

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  • TTL Jericho said

    The Tall Guy

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  • Lu Galasso said

    Great list…needs more Annie Hall, though.

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  • joeb said

    How about “Jerry Maguire”? Has sex, sports, Springsteen, and romance.

    And “Tootsie”? One of the greatest movies ever.

    I know this one’s a stretch but… “City Lights” by Chaplin? One of the most poignant movies made, and one with a message about what true, blind, love is.

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  • Karuso said

    Meet the parents??? hell no

    50 first dates is missing here.

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  • midhun said

    you’ve got mail and 50 first dates are missing…………

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  • Marc said

    very good list although i agree that Love Actually tops many in this list and although critics hated it one of my favorite romantic comedies is A Lot Like Love. Another thing, Sideways was a very good movie but I don’t believe it can be classified as a romantic comedy

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  • shrikrishna kadle said

    It is hard to pick just 10 and few might have missed to make it to the list by almost nothing.

    just like heaven

    2 weeks notice

    something about mary

    50 first dates


    should have appeared in my opinion.Though I cant say instead of which one.

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  • Divya Rashad said

    Pretty Woman
    Dirty Dancing
    The Notebook
    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    Ground Hog Day

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    • Daniel said

      Im on the sofa duviet munches watching romantic comedy drama in her shoes , ghost Molly and Sam is a absolute great 10 / 10 film what women want , pretty women , dirty dancing , the wedding planner love actually im just a young handsome wild at heart soppy git who loves miss cougar lopez narnna nutter lol if you smell gas its the dog lol my final 1 is marley and me dmakavelli poetic justice

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