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The Dark Crystal 2 – Sequel Plans

The Dark Crystal 2 - Sequel Plans
The best fantasy Muppet movie not to star David Bowie, The Dark Crystal, will be sequalized.

Brian Henson said this week: “We have a Dark Crystal sequel, called The Power of the Dark Crystal. It has a very strong script.”

For Henson fans this is a very big deal. Jim Henson’s death brought a halt to the darker, fantasy-driven progression of the Henson company. In 2005 they produced the vastly underrated Mirrormask but maybe a more dedicated Dark Crystal fanbase will keep this endeavor from disappearing so quickly from cinemas.

According to IMDB, The Power of the Dark Crystal (PODC, anyone?) will be helmed by Genndy Tartakovsky, the man responsible for The Clone Wars television cartoon, the only good thing to come out of the Star Wars universe since Leia’s golden bikini.

The Dark Crystal 2 - Sequel Plans
Kira in “The Power of the Dark Crystal”

Fingers crossed that this sequel expands Henson’s universe without losing the epic magic of the original. The good thing is puppets don’t age so they don’t have to recast except for the voices.

What are your thoughts?

Source: Latino Review

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  • Juju said

    Sounds promising! đŸ™‚

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  • Thom said

    Can fantasy muppets stand up in the modern CGI cinema? Would be interesting to see how it would look, hopefully the characters will all have the black sticks coming down from their wrists LOL

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  • Adam Chamberlain said

    I’m so excited about this and glad to hear that they are doing a puppet version rather than the rumored CGI version a few years ago.

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  • DalmatianJaws said

    To be honest, no one has said specifically it’s puppets. It should be, but that director made a name for himself with animation … *nervous*

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  • Adam Chamberlain said

    Oh no! Now I am worried!

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  • Ash said

    “Genndy Tartakovsky agreed to direct on two conditions: that the film would utilize live-action puppets as well as computer animation, and that Brian Froud would return to design the characters” from IMDB & various other places.

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  • Darke said

    When the movie is made, i cant wait to see how it will look now, because with all the new tech n’ all… this is a very promising project, Cant wait!

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  • marc said

    i love dark crystal

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  • batman said

    oh man i saw the picture of kira up above and i hope thats not what they look like, they should just look the same as in the older movie

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  • datbboot said

    im so excited!! loved part one when i was young and wanted to show it to my kids, i didnt know they were making a part 2 until today when i finally took the time to find part 1 on dvd. i bet the graphics and special effects will be excellent!

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  • Diex2005 said

    They should use MATTHEW BRODERICK as Jen, since He and JIM HENSON sound the same.

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    • RikT said

      Stephen Garlick did the voice for Jen, not Jim Henson. It would be good if Stephen would come back to do Jen again though.

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  • VieraSkyPirate said

    This is what I have to say on the subject.

    I am a HUGE fan of the orignal Dark Crystal. I love everything about it and beleive it is a wonderful fantasy movie. That being said, I am very upset that they are creating a sequel to it at all let alone this long after the original.

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  • Hardsethead said

    Aaah wel on the upside it’s not a remake ( hate that they remake and “r*pe” everything I loved as a kid) just keeping my fingers x-ed and hope they stay true to the Henson legacy.

    I loved Mirrormask but hey Neil Gaiman and Henson droooooooooool.

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  • stircrazy said

    Fantasized for years about a remake of this, so yay!

    Imagine that it’s have the look and feel of Mirrormask, which is also a mupper/cgi blend. That’s a great watch too, so check it out.

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  • cassandra said

    This is the most exciting thing to hear since the first time i watched the Dark Crystal when i was a small child.I get goose dumps just thinking about it, I cant wait for this movie to come out.

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