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District 9 – Sequel Plans

District 9 - Sequel Plans (District 10?)
The ambiguous open ending of District 9 isn’t just for artistic purposes, Neill Blomkamp, the South African writer-director is thinking seriously about a District 9 sequel, presumably called District 10. So what has been said, and how likely is it?

“If this film is successful, if audiences want another, whatever, District 10, I would love to do it,” said Blomkamp a couple of weeks ago. “It’s a very personal film, and it’s a universe and a place that I find incredibly creative. I’d love to go back to that universe.”

But he’s planning a gap first. “I have another science fiction film now that I want to write for the rest of the year,” Blomkamp said. “That, I think, may be the next one, and I’m incredibly into [it]. It’s quite different, and it’s a unique idea, but I’m very into it. …It’s a very similar genre.”

But will District 9 be successful enough? Short answer, yes. It opened number 1 on Friday with $14m, that’s half of its budget back in one day. It has an 89% final rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and, remarkably, a 9.0/10 average vote on imdb, making it the 78th most popular film ever with users. That sort of word of mouth means a long and profitable box office run.

Which direction would the District 9 sequel go in? Blomkamp was asked whether Christopher would do as he promised and return to Earth in three years to help Wikus. “I do have ideas rattling around in my head, and weirdly enough they’re not to do with what you just said,” Blomkamp said. “They’re different. But, who knows?”

What would you like to see happen in a District 9 sequel? Should there even be one? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Source: SciFiWire

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  • James said

    Yeah, he said in some interview he wrote this to be a standalone story. Doesn’t mean he won’t change his mind.

    There are a lot of stories he could tell from the ghetto, but man at the end you REALLY want to know what happens in three years.

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  • Don Quixote said

    Man… saw it yesterday… incredible movie, but i loath open endings so much…

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    James, according to the interview in the post he’s very willing to return, he may have written it as a standalone but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t now do a sequel.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    *** SPOILER ***
    Also, is it a coincidence that the government establish a ‘District 10’ as a new colony?

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  • mystery said

    If the sequel doesn’t involve Christopher, then the first movie will have been a waste.

    I mean, what would be the point of the first movie’s story if it doesn’t continue and the sequel has something “different”

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  • Jessica P. said

    I saw it yesterday and thought it was amazing. I would love to see a sequel, but I would hope that it would at least tie up the loose end with Christopher before moving on to something else entirely different. If it doesn’t it wouldn’t really be a sequel so much as a brand new movie (which would be fine, I just really don’t like open ends on a plot line).

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  • Skye said

    I too think that this movie would be a waste if they don’t include Wikus and Christopher in the sequel. I would also like to see the little one all grown up. There really are so many ways that they can go with the sequel that the only hard part will be deciding which path to take. There is also the part that went unaddressed in this movie and that is the role of Christopher to his group. There are obviously ranks and positions. Are there more Christophers?

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  • Loderunner said

    Sequel in 3 years, to the exact day.

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  • Prawn said

    For all we know, he conned Wikus just to get his fuel back, but why would he leave 2.5 million of his people behind? Seems odd when he kept reiterating “I need to save my people.” That alone means without a sequel the whole movie was pointless. Unless his plan was to dump millions of degenerate trash pickers on us as a joke, and then take off laughing.

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  • Johnson said

    They have to tie up that loose end with Christopher! Like some of you other guys said the first film would be a waste. They should make ol’ what’s his name the half breed guy and Christopher team up and woop some ACE!

    Oh and I love the aliens guns. So much blood and death!
    Great Movie

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  • Frank said

    I stayed til the end of the credits hoping to see what would happen in 3 years. DAMNIT!!! SOMEDAYYY SOMEDAYYY WE WILL KNOW.. or will we?

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  • Matt said

    District 9 was incredible! I’ve never seen another sci-fi movie like it. I loved the fact that there is so much potential for a sequel.

    In the sequel, I’d like to see Christopher bring an invasion force to put some payback on the humans. Then while keeping his promise to Wikus, have Wikus convince him that not all humans are bad. It could be great.

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  • Steven said

    If there will be a sequel, (and God I hope there is!) I imagine it will be involved with Earth becoming more introduced to other Species of the Universe. I guess Christopher upholding his word would be more of a side part, or maybe an ending to the movie. He might even serve as the bridge to humans and others.

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  • Katuro said

    I think there should be a sequel to this movie, sounds likely at this point. I mean, the ending of that movie left me wanting more. The movie built up really well to a great climax.

    It kept me interested from the start, and through out the whole movie we see a character develop from being a dorky character into a bad ass hardcore gibbing machine.

    The start with the finding of the aliens was good, though personally at the beginning of the movie I didn’t feel that the aliens were being given much of chance at proving themselves to be intelligent. The plot was simple enough to follow, and was really good. Though some things felt a little irrational, like how the aliens were being treated, and how the that company was handling things (but hey I’m a peace lovin hippy).

    Can’t forget action, it felt good and intense, it also managed to strike some emotional chords right in the -middle- of the action, fluently. The rocket being snatched out of the air was still cool to watch like the preview. The antagonist was raped in a inhumane fashion, and left some of those ‘lose ends’.

    The ends I’d like to see tied up at the end are to see what the main character ultimately wants to do with his life when they return, accept his new form and live with aliens? Or return back to his wife and find a new job elsewhere? What will have happened between then and now with the wife? Will the aliens currently staying there ever get off that planet? WILL WE GET TO SEE SAID MOTHER SHIP??? I’m curious to see how this character once dorky and ignorant towards aliens, now deals with his situation and new given perspective.

    Ultimately with the ending, I think it may be tough to out do the events that have passed in District 9. But hey, Neill wrote this movie out well, so what the eff? Make a sequel! And take your time making this movie, don’t make any trailers about it! You’ll just be confined to a deadline! I wanna see a -good- movie not a rushed one!

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  • Elias said

    Saw the movie today and I thought it was an incredibly well done movie. I think they should do a sequel and have Christopher coming back and save his people like he said he would. But it’s not really my decision on what the sequel’s storyline should be, it’s the director. He makes the call.

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