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2AM Critics Review 16 Minutes Of Avatar

2AM Critics Review 16 Minutes Of AvatarWhile Paul Martin was giving his take on the Avatar screening in the UK, here in LA we ventured along to our nearest IMAX. Did the 16 minutes of 3-D footage blow our minds? Press play to find out:

Director: James Cameron
Starring: Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, lots and lots of blue aliens and monsters
Our Rating: B+

For a full description of the scenes see Paul’s rundown here.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Why does it only get a B+ ?

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  • James said

    I try to rate based on the cross section of people’s opinions. Sarah and I loved it, Laura really didn’t buy it. She loved the visuals but hated the dialog, so I felt it was fair to lower the grade.

    It really looks mind blowingly cool. And there was some CRAPPY dialog in there, which hopefully will be better in context.

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  • fdsjhk said

    It’s sad to see the Hollywood’s movies are all looking like a Playstation game… They abuse Cg in an horrible way.

    Avatar looks like Star Wars : Episode 1 but in blue.
    A real actor with a suit or some makeup (like Chewbacca, C3PO or the girl on green of Star Trek 2009) is waaaaaaaay better than those artificial and bad-acting Cg characters…

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  • James said

    It’s really interesting. My impression is that they were startlingly real. And while the brain can’t really wrap around any fake creature (no matter how good the vfx) without an engrossing story, these standalone scenes sure seemed top notch to me. More than that, actually. I’m not sure of all the claims the filmmakers made in advance, but I for one am completely astounded at the technical accomplishments of this movie. Hopefully the full story lives up to the visuals, but the bits we saw transported me to a whole other world the way very few movies have, not even the current sci-fi darling District 9.

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  • Victor Nemo said

    The visuals, particularly in 3D, were very good. The plot is predictable, and doesn’t exactly break new ground. I’d trade a better plot with mediocre effects for this any time :/

    Because of the effects, I say it’s big screen worthy, but because of the story I can’t give better than C.

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