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Inglourious Basterds Prequel / Sequel?

Inglourious Basterds 2 - Sequel / Prequel Plans
Unlikely as it seems, could an Inglourious Basterds sequel or Inglourious Basterds prequel actually happen? Well here’s what Quentin had to say this week on British radio when asked about Inglourious Basterds 2. Judge for yourself –

I came up with the idea [for Inglourious Basterds] back in 1998, of Jewish-American soldiers behind enemies lines killing Nazis… but it followed a different storyline… that storyline just got too big, it might have been a 12 hour miniseries but it definitely wasn’t a movie. So I put it aside, and when I decided to come back to it in 2008 I realised it was that story which was growing so large so I took it out and came up with a brand new one, some sequences I kept and definitely the characters were the same but I followed a different story and that’s what we have now.

I could do a prequel to this. You have to take almost anything I say as far doing sequels and prequels with a grain of salt because I’ve said that about almost everything I’ve ever done. The one thing that could make this more of a reality than the other ones is the fact I do have half of it written. That storyline that I took out because it was too big, well now it’s not too big,
I’ve told a lot of the other stories so that could be done as a movie now. So the fact that half of it is written and the fact that Brad and Eli all wanna do it, you know could actually make the difference. So first we have to see, one, is the movie a hit and, two, do I lose interest?

With a $14m opening day on Friday in the U.S., Inglourious Basterds should have no problem making back its $70m budget once international is included. Critics have rated it 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the reaction from users online is extremely positive (it’s currently ranked the 106th best movie ever made on imdb).

Source: AbsoluteRadio.co.uk

Would you prefer an Inglourious Basterds sequel, prequel, or neither? What should the plot be? Which characters in Inglourious Basterds do you really want to see more of? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Kal said

    Well, 1 is already done. Come on 2. Lol. 🙂

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  • Chris Neilan said

    I would like to see Quentin going back to his roots, doing something a bit more realist and less outrageous. Something that plays out in the real world. So maybe doing Basterds 2 could help get this stuff out of his system, as opposed to putting all his energy into a whole new “movie-movie”.

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  • Carlis said

    Of course we want a sequel! Inglourious Basterds was amazing and I would love to see the entire story what happened after they were done with Landa?

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  • Star said

    OOOO!! i would love them to make a prequel so we could see more of all the basterds…or a prequel..but with a catch

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  • InglouriousFreak said

    Quite honestly, I rarely get this obsessed with movies. I have my list of movies that I consider to be perfect, without any flaw. Two of those are Tarantino movies. When I saw Inglourious Basterds I was instantly hooked. I literally found every friend and family member I could and took them to the movie individually. I ended up seeing it ten times in the thearter. With that said, I think it is pretty obvious that I would love to see either a prequel or sequel. The movie kind of leaves you hanging at the end because, yes, Hitler dies and the Basterds win but what happenes to Aldo and Utivich after the fact? Or, with a prequel, it would be equally as interesting to see what the Basterds’ lives were like before they ran off to France. We could all get to see the characters’ personalities a lot more. Maybe some romance could be thrown in there. Overall, I think making one of the two would be brilliant. I don’t know one person that is not in love with this movie and that does not want to see more of it.

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  • Leslie said

    I would love to see a prequel to this. It had just about everything. It kept you on the edge of your seat and kept you laughing. Loved it!

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  • Jezhug said

    Would love to see a prequel to get to know the characters a bit more. Awesome film, I hope it’s not out there enough to say it’s QT’s best work!

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  • orderer said

    I don’t want part 2. I love Hans Landa and he would propably die in it :((

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  • Hobie Welsh said

    THE CHARACTORS ROOOOOOOOOOCK! How did Aldo get the scare on his neck???? Good stoty! Why is Hugo so pissed??? Good story! How did the 8 get picked??? Good storty! What did landa do to get to this point in his life??? Good story! The French farmer…GD GOOD STORY! This movie is 1 of the best EVER. I want to know everything PRE this story! Even how the brave SGT Warner got cought! Good f’n story! Sooooooo many op’s to this film. Q.T.- I WANT A G.D. PRE!

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  • chris said

    Personally, I’d love to see Aldo’s further adventures. You know he would just get more rugged, crazy and fun to watch as an aging officer in the Korean War, or maybe even the early days of Nam.

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  • Ally said

    Has got to be another!! Preferably a prequel, or just something when shosanna is still alive, she is so damn hot!!

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  • steele and balto said

    loved inglorious basterds and I have about five or six
    posters and love the poster of them all standing next
    to each other cause ryan howard/bj novak is on it!

    a sequel would be awesome and knowing tarantinos uinque
    style it would be awesome!

    marcel burn it down!

    rest in peace shosanna!

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  • Mick said

    I think a prequel would be great especially if it focused more on the basterds with some shosanna and Marcel.
    It would be really cool to see the basterds when they’re first deployed with flashbacks like the cut scene where Donny got his bat or a new one where you see how Aldo got his neck scar. And the inner fangirl in me wants some Donny/Utivich even just as a bromance and not a struggling gay couple like I really want them to be. I think they’re the most adored couple that has no canonical scenes together at all. I mean, not including cut scenes, the only part of the movie was after the movie theater is on fire and Aldo and Utivich are in the truck and Utivich asks where Donny is first then where the other two are and some parts in the screen play give away more but barely so I’d love to see more of them together and apart.

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  • Matt said

    i would love a prequel and sequel, but of course they both would have to be done right. a prequel for a backstory on the basterds and a sequel to find out what has happened to them. in the prequel it should show how aldo got the scar( i mean i understand some mystery but i think this coulnt hurt)in the sequel maybe some jap killing? ( dont mean to affend) and after the war what has happened to the basterds? Landa?

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  • DJ Stiglitz said

    THIS movie was the bomb, I just watched it this week on showtime and I love the characters! I loved how the humor was there but wasn’t so obvious. Almost reminds me of sneaky humor,I guess you can say. And the intensity of the movie really got my heart pumping especially in the beginning when the Jewish women got shot up besides shoshana. That got me nervous. Best actors I’ve ever seen…Hands down. Btw I am 18 years old and love this movie. Js

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