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Predator 3 – Sequel Plans

Well, it looks like the Franchise Gods are at it again. Producer John Davis has announced his intentions to make a Predator 3, hopefully starring the beefy, incoherent governor of California – Arnold Schwarzenegger. The sequel is pending Arnie’s future political career and whether or not they can scrape together a decent script.

Say hello to my enormous friend.

Here’s what Davis had to say:

“The Governor has mentioned to me that when he ceases to be Governor, if he doesn’t run for the Senate and all of that stuff, he’d like to do a movie or two again. And I don’t know, maybe we could restart the Predator franchise. …We’d have to come up with a really good script and a really great angle on it, but Predator was the first movie I was ever involved with, so it’s always going to have a really soft spot in my heart. …We’ve logically done what we could’ve done with the two Alien Vs Predator movies. But I think there’s something to go back to with Predator.”

The first Predator is so much fun (basically Commando with an alien) and Predator 2 stands as one of the rare sequels that’s just as good as the first (and in my opinion, better). Predator 2 is also credited with starting the Alien vs. Predator craze when an Alien xenomorph skull can be seen on a Predator trophy rack.

Do NOT pick up this hitchhiker.

While the AvP films were … shall we say … LESS than stellar, the standalone Predator franchise still maintains a high bar for quality. But the curse of 3 might be in play here … not only is Arnie very old, but it was the third Alien film that also destroyed that franchise.

What do you think? Predator 3 – Good idea, bad idea, ridiculous idea? And what are your thoughts on the direction the sequel should take? Leave all your brilliant plot ideas for the producers in the comments!

Source: Collider

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Are you SURE Predator 2 is better?

    I would like to see a Predator 3 where the Predator is just as old as Arnie and the two of them are neighbors.

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  • James said

    I’m telling you … net that rips skin, future gangland war, Danny Glover, Bill Paxton, and showdown in the Predator Spaceship?

    Yes. I like it better. I know most folks don’t agree.

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  • Tyler Lovemark said

    I’d love to see it. I’m a sucker for any Arnold action movie, and I’m a huge fan of the Predator movies. Second one not so much, but I’ll still catch it if it’s on TV.

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  • Rob said

    I have to agree with Sheridan, no way was Preditor 2 better than 1! But, I would like to see a third installment, but only if they can get as good a script as the first, sometimes thats no possible but lets see what they come up with.


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  • Adam Mason said

    Never seen Predator 2 – although I remember that Danny Glover punches a Predator (instantly making the Aliens far better) – and this could be fun. Stupid and suicidal, but fun. Only with Arnie, or it’s not worth it.

    I’ll settle for Van-Damme.

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  • Neal said

    What about a 3rd Predator based in the Middle East? It meets the requirements of the “hot” environment of the jungle and LA from the first 2 films. You could set up an entire movie based on an elite commando squad in Iraq or Afganistan hunting down some terrorists or insurgents. (Similar to the first but far more advanced.)

    They stumble upon some dead “bad” guys and then the action commences! Casting choices could include Arnold as a colonel providing guidance to the group once the problem of the predator is alerted to the pentagon.

    Bring in some new blood though for the soldiers. How about Derrick Luke (“Friday Night Lights” and “Antwone Fisher”), Jospeh Gordon-Levitt (“Brick”), Patrick Wilson (“Lakeview Terrace” and “Watchmen”) and Gerard Butler (“300” and “Rock n’ Rolla”) as the main heroes?

    It would be great to see some real actors get involved with a series that could use a great conclusion!

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Neal – great ideas.

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  • roliver25 said

    How about a buddy movie with them both as disgruntled old men(alien), something along the lines of ‘the bucket list ‘ perhaps.

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  • Michael said

    Well I don’t see why a Predator 3 couldn’t be a good movie since Harrison Ford was just in another Indiana Jones, but that was , in my opinion, just a passable movie, good not great. If Arnold did make another predator movie, I think it would be neccesary to have Danny in there too. Still its a dangerous thought. This would be introducing the predator series all over again to a new generation that has, in my opinion again, a bad taste in movies (considering I’m 16 i just dissed my age group). I’m not very fond of Will Ferrel and I dont know if predator could capture the attention it should when they’ve got to compete with a whole lot of actor’s without brains who, for some reason, are very popular.

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  • Choya Bain said

    Governor Dutch knows the secret to kill the predator, after months of rehab. He has returned from his leadership as, a rescue operational team. A special forces team went to check out ruins of the woods, and found nothing no sign of any trace. Suddenly fires started up in California which have created media stir. The air force sent a team to investagate, when another predator ship touched earth. Created earthquakes and land slides, the governor, is held hostage by a predator and his family, and yet again. Dutch must fight to save them.

    Predator 3 should be done since Alien saga has continued why not Predator.

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  • gary said

    I always figured that they would consider another story. Before arnold was gov. I thought it wouldhave been great to have him and danny glover team up together. since arnold survived 1 and glover 2 then bring army and police together and not just one predator but maybe have the ones from the 2nd return all together. What a war that wouldbe. If arnold or glover dont do it then they should use jason from transporter 1 and 2 and either the rock or bruce willis. thats just an idea but i want arnold and glover alway have. see what you allthink.

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  • kingjamo said

    i agree with neal now that would be an amazing script based on the soldiars in iraq and predator comes down to hunt god i can almost taste it haha its so more realistic aswell and people wud love it

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  • Skinpipe said

    I think P2 was indeed much better than P1, more action, humour, good views, interesting end etc. If there will be a P3, I would much prefer Danny Glover instead of Arnie, and a short visit on P´s homeworld would be candy for the eye.

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  • ScottishLAD said

    I can’t say eveing being a big fan of the Predator franchise, that this would be a good idea. sorry if some are shocked by that, but it’s just the way I feel. I’m sick of the same old story. new faces come in to take over the old stars we know and love, and it just piss’s me right off. SAW on the other hand, hmm well there’s a film that has had the same bloke in it for four films. Mr Bell, but to speak of a 3rd Predator film… I’ve said it before when there was talk about AVP 1. bad idea… it won’t work, and look at AVP-1 poor, un-watchable some have said. and I wouldn’t go that far I mean I do love the theme tune when they both do battle. not long enough fight scene, but anyway. again, don’t do it. leave it where it is. it was good before but no no no leave it. work on something else.

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  • Bloody Mary said

    Oh please please please.. There needs to be a sequal to the Predator movies. I loved them! They should have the Kennedys and Arnold in them.
    Predator 3: The Kennedian Assault.

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