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the duchess soundtrack (music score) - listen

The Duchess soundtrack. Apparently Keira Knightley is pretty good in this movie. Maybe that will stop every woman I know making hissing noises and spitting out the words die thin bitch whenever they see a picture of her.

So, it’s a period piece, called The Duchess, starring Ralph Fiennes, and it’s a tragic love triangle, so I think we could pretty much all guess that RZA wasn’t drafted in to do the soundtrack (although I think we’d all like to see RZA and Ralph Fiennes finally working together). Orchestral atmospherics are the order of the day, and it’s not difficult to picture heaving bodices, tortured glances and mahogany interiors.

The haunting string arrangement used on G and Grey Make Love for instance is basically the aural equivalent of a hot oil massage – I’m guessing that no-one’s being taken roughly from behind in this scene.

Then there are the haunting strings of I Think Of You All The Time, the stringed hauntingness of Awakening, and the haunty stringy stringhaunt of Mistake Of Your Life, as well as a reimagining of Nirvana’s Territorial Pissings on the xylophone. Okay, I made that last one up, but there is a song called Rape. Not the Nirvana song though. And there is a certain haunting string quality to it.

And actually… that’s quite nice. (The haunting strings, not rape.) No-one’s going to be buying this soundtrack album so they can headbang on the highway, or so they can stick it on at a house party. But you know what? You come home after a terrible day at work, you put this album on and lie in a dark room with your significant other and do what God intended you to do in dark rooms with your significant other, I reckon you could face the next day at work with a spring in your step and a smile in your heart. And haunting strings playing in your head. Constantly. But, you know, once you grow out of Pantera you’ve got to have something playing in there. And we can’t all afford hot oil massages three times a week.

Listen To The Soundtrack

You can buy it here

1. The Duchess – Rachel Portman (1:41)
2. Mistake Of Your Life – Rachel Portman (3:27)
3. I Think Of You All The Time – Rachel Portman (3:41)
4. No Mood For Conversation – Rachel Portman (0:59)
5. G and Grey Make Love – Rachel Portman (1:57)
6. G and Grey Together In Bath – Rachel Portman (2:57)
7. German Dance No. 10 in D Major – The Isobel Griffiths Ensemble (3:16)
8. Awakening – Rachel Portman (1:25)
9. Rape – Rachel Portman (1:53)
10. Bess ‘Sons – Rachel Portman (2:03)
11. G Gives Up Baby – Rachel Portman (1:33)
12. Six Years Later – Rachel Portman (2:33)
13. Some Things Too Late, Others Too Early – Rachel Portman (1:06)
14. Quartet No 3 – The Isobel Griffiths Quartet (5:49)
15. Never See Your Children Again – Rachel Portman (2:02)
16. Grey Comes Back – Rachel Portman (1:53)
17. G Is Taken To The Country – Rachel Portman (1:37)
18. End Titles – Rachel Portman (2:08)

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    We would like to see Ralph Fiennes rap at some stage. If not with RZA, then one of the other founding members of Gravediggaz.

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  • Tori said

    “Maybe that will stop every woman I know making hissing noises and spitting out the words die thin bitch whenever they see a picture of her.”

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  • Carmella said

    Why would anyone want to make hissing nosies and spit out the words, ‘die thin bitch’?? That is absolutly otragous! She is a beautiful and multitalented person who, yeah just so happens to be skinny. I’m thin, people don’t shout at me saying, die thin bitch! As my favorite actress, I have a huge ammount of respect and admiration towards her and I think all her films I’ve seen she’s been in have been fantastic and I love period dramas so I loved this film, and I enjoy history so I loved reading the book too. The soundtrack is lovly and relaxing so as soon as I get the chance to, I’m going to buy it.

    Overall, fantastic film, soundtrack and above all actress

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  • Christian said

    excellent review of this soundtrack. I’ve been listening to it over and over, and it is absolutely AWESOME! Rachel Portman is a really talented composer and the music is totally enchanting. I highly recommend this soundtrack.

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