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RocknRolla is released in the States this weekend, but has already been a critical and commercial success in the UK. According to Thandie Newton, who plays a crooked accountant in the film, RocknRolla 2 is not far away, and then they’re going for the trilogy…

If Guy Ritchie were a character in his own movie, he would be ‘The Comeback Kid’. His career looked dead after the bona fide disasters of Swept Away and Revolver. But somehow he rediscovered his magic for RocknRolla and snagged a major studio picture in Sherlock Holmes, starring the man of the moment, Robert Downey Jnr.

Sequel wise, T.Newton doesn’t give any RocknRolla 2 plot details away, but frankly these movies are less about the stories more about the quirks. She says she expects all the surviving characters to return and that once Sherlock Holmes is done, the production is likely to happen fast. Ritchie’s turnaround on these London gangster pictures is very quick.

You could ask why if he has rejuvenated his career does Guy Ritchie need to make two RocknRolla sequels? A big studio picture like Sherlock Holmes, with a very popular star headlining, can’t fail to deliver financially even if it’s sub-par, so he’ll be able to scale the heights after that. Artistically, isn’t it bankrupt to keep returning to where you started and repeating yourself? …Or is it just a good idea to stick to what you’re good at? These may be questions too big to answer here, remind me to ask God when I see him.

Source: MTV

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  • putcher said

    bring it on

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  • OneToOne said

    Did anyone in America even see the first one yet?

    The retard brother from Dead Man’s Shoes is rad.

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  • Chris Neilan said

    I saw Rocknrolla. If you really really switch all parts of your brain off and let it wash over you, then, well, it can wash over you, but it really is morally and creatively bankrupt, deeply misogynistic, and just plain bad. Ritchie has never had any kind of magic, he just appeals to people who think guns, music video visuals and low-grade wordplay are fun. There’s nothing wrong with guns (well, you know what I mean), he just doesn’t add anything to them. Apart from annoying ineptly drawn cartoon character cockney geezers. And there is a lot wrong with the visuals and wordplay.

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  • Firstmod said

    This movie was incredible. I love Rocknrolla and can wait for the rest of the trilogy. Guy Ritchie puts such a unique touch on all of his movies. The quirky characters are dark and damaged yet always very relate able. The action is non stop and you never quite know how the interweaving plot lines will reveal themselves.

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    • Adnan said

      Hello Guys, i have just seen first part ROCK N ROLLA im looking for its other parts is any part been released uptil now? after the first please.. let me know

      thanks for the help

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  • Dale said


    Are you retarded? This movie had amazing wordplay, it was almost like a British Gangster version of Deadwood. The plot was involving and unpredictable, that characters were acted perfectly, and what do you mean “visuals”, if you are referring to the photography then you are an idiot and everything you say should be outright ignored.

    There is maybe 7 minutes altogether of the movie where you can even see a gun so I don’t know what the whole “appeal to guns” cryfest is.

    This movie was funny, cool, and entertaining. If you went to this movie expecting the Titanic in teams of an emotionally involving movie then, well, like I said. Idiot.

    Some people go to movies to have fun and be impressed, not to be bored to sleep by retarded interpretations of what a movie should be.

    You didn’t even mention the soundtrack which is fantastic. Go back to your “pay ten dollars to right web reviews” website and stop sucking the life out of the people on this board.

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  • Nirakar said

    RocknRolla was f**kin awesome movie…i really enjoyed the movie…Im a big fan of Guy Ritchie’s style of film-making…ive watched all his movies but I dint watch swep away, n im never gonna watch it also…n I also loved Revolver…revolver was a classic, it was cinematic genius…wating for rocknrolla 2…make it fast…

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  • skagman said

    I agree with everything you said Dale about the idiot and the movie, Chris is a gobsh*te and the movie was Grade A just watched the dvd of it and it’s definitely the bollox!

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  • Stefan said

    One of my top movies for 2008. Cant wait till it releases down under….. crossing my fingers it will be soon

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  • Blamo said

    Any other time I would say Dale was a little too insulting of someone’s opinion- but this time, yeah, you’re right. Tired of people over-analyzing movies and then speaking their opinion and insulting not only Guy Ritchie but everyone that enjoys his movies because apparently anyone that likes them just don’t have any taste at all. I thought it was a very well done movie. And Revolver was a very underrated movie, it’s one of my favourites, mainly for the message of it which sort of made me see things from a different perspective.

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  • Blamo said

    **just DOESN’T have any taste at all**

    i hate grammatical errors like that, i’m sorry.

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  • Paula said

    Well, I loved it! And can’t wait for the sequels. I believe that Ritchie said that Revolver didn’t play well to a large audience because it was too quirky. Rocknrolla is better and was over the top in the UK. For those Americans like me who had trouble with Snatch and Lock Stock etc.,Rocknrolla was much easier to decipher but still a grand puzzle and a good time. I also loved the music.

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  • Joe said

    Who ever said to turn all parts of your brain off, you are retaded. It’s an amazing movie and you have to actually pay attention to the WHOLE thing to follow it. An as for Blamo there was no grammatical if your just too retarded to realize it let me point out something. IT’S BASED IN ENGLAND YOU BLOODY POOF. Bloody is an equivalent of the word f**kin in america, and poof means h*mo (just in case you couldn’t figure it out).

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  • karl said

    dales right,chris stick to ur disney love storys and titanic,rocknrolla was brilliant,i watched it 4 times and will keep watching it,i really hope they do the 2nd one soon,fair play to guy ritchie.

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  • afsa said

    i completly agree wiv dale n chris u muppet if u don’t like action den go n watch somethin like brokeback mountain maybe dat will turn u on. anyways rocknrolla is sik film as well as all of guy richiez filmz rate it up wiv lock stock n 2 smokin barrels, guy richie is just class!!!!

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  • Chris Neilan said

    Wow, you are guys are really going a long way to dispel the myths about the sensibilities of Guy Ritchie’s fanbase.

    If you can’t control yourselves from insulting anyone with a different opinion to your own, how about you put a leash on the homophobia and “retard” comments, hmm?

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