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Batman Comics – Top 30 Most Ridiculous Covers

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Batman DC Comics

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  • Patrick said

    Amazing!This list made my day. I particularly like Bat Baby.

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  • Etienne Cain-Rojas said

    Actully, I think that this and the 60’s TV show is great.
    It’s just really good, espeacelly how all the villians are crazy and have their lairs to their theme, but back to the point, I like both batmans. And don’t you hate how every one says Batman can’t Kill his villians? I say: HARRUMPH!

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  • soandso said

    (#20) leave me alone aunt agatha!!!

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  • Lone Wolf said

    I think flying, broken-legged Batman arc has promise, lol.

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  • Leeotnt said

    Ha. Rip-Van-Batman, and baby-bat.

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