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The Gamer soundtrack. Who do you get to soundtrack a 21st century action-death-guns romp starring Gerard Butler, Michael C Hall, Ludacris, and John Leguizamo? Clearly, you get Marilyn Manson, The Bloodhound Gang, Sammy Davis Jnr, and 19 tracks of intrigue, metal guitars, and post-Dust Brothers beats by Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (two rock and roll names right there). Duh.

Gamer does not have the type of cast list you see every day, but then this is the kind of film that once upon a time would have starred Christopher Lambert (come on, who remembers Fortress?). And what’s more, it’s from the writer/directors of the Crank films (which means writer/directors who specialise in writing BANG, THUMP, TITS a lot) so I’m guessing Shia Laboeuf wasn’t kicking their door down to get involved. No, it’s all about the Butler, who, after Rocknrolla, PS I Love You and The Ugly Truth, seems to specialise in choosing the most bizarre range of mediocre films imaginable. The only other person who can make a legitimate claim that their best work was in a Guy Ritchie film is Vinnie Jones, and that’s not company you want to be in now is it? I give 3 to 1 odds that Butler’s next release will be an Oscar baiting tale about a gruff teacher with a heart of gold teaching Puerto Rican street kids how to read. Against the backdrop of the civil rights movement. Directed by Troy Duffy.

Now, for an action-death-guns romp with a gruff macho male lead aimed at teenage boys (it’s a film about online gamers getting to control real-life killers – it ain’t aimed at soccer moms) you have to expect crunchy guitars from the generic end of the innovation scale, lots of pent up angst, and if you’re lucky maybe a half decent Deftones track (probably with some identikit beats slapped on top of it and called a remix, just to keep things as mediocre as possible). With the Gamer soundtrack, you don’t even get that. You get ONE Marilyn Manson track, ONE Bloodhound Gang track (The Bloodhound Gang? Really?) and a whole swathe of uninspired atmospherics from these Williamson & Zaneli people. Plus an admittedly cool Sammy medley, taking care of the obligatory what-the-f**k quotient. So, essentially, if you the buy the Gamer soundtrack, first of all you need to think of better ways to spend your allowance, and second you get to head-bang for one song, head-bob for another song, peer at your surroundings with a look of gruff suspicion and intrigue, occasionally pretending to shoot a futuristic pulse rifle at non-existent attackers, for about half an hour, then relax with Sammy for six minutes and pretend you’re wearing a tux. Actually that sounds quite fun.

Listen To The Gamer Soundtrack:

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Gamer Soundtrack (Songs / Score) – Track Listing
1. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) – Marilyn Manson
2. The Bad Touch – The Bloodhound Gang
3. Deathmatch – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (3:14)
4. Society – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (0:42)
5. Slayers – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (0:39)
6. Kable’s New Ride – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (2:19)
7. The Prison Yard – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (1:39)
8. Upgrades – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (3:14)
9. Target Practice – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (4:22)
10. Gina Parker Smith – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (0:27)
11. Simon’s House – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (2:56)
12. Turn Me Loose – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (1:50)
13. You Have To Escape – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (2:17)
14. Kable Is Gone – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (0:56)
15. Dress Up Doll – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (0:41)
16. Humanz – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (1:55)
17. The Thorax Bar – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (1:53)
18. Kable Rescues Angie – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (1:19)
19. Blood Ball – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (2:05)
20. Interrogating Simon – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (2:42)
21. Kable Vs. Castle – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (2:53)
22. I Think It, You Do It – Robert Williamson & Geoff Zaneli (4:38)
23. Medley: I’ve Got You Under My Skin/Big Bad John/Night And Day – Sammy Davis, Jr.

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  • Sheridan Passell said

    Ha, you’re right this is a return to the spirit of Fortress.

    After 300 made him a star Gerard Butler’s choices have been astonishingly poor – The Ugly Truth, RocknRolla, Nim’s Island, P.S. I Love You, Butterfly on a Wheel. I hear RocknRolla is pretty good, but it’s not going to do anything for his career, it’s the sort of thing you star in when you’re an up and comer.

    Soundtrack wise, it’s good to see The Bloodhound Gang’s novelty record will stand the test of time and become a song of choice in the future. Score is good.

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  • Lisa said

    That is totally a male point of view. Let me tell you from a female point of view we will watch any movie he makes and love evey second of it. This movie was awsome but i really like PS I Love You and The Ugly Truth too.

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  • Sheridan Passell said

    Fair enough, I don’t want to sound harsh. I just think there’s better material out there for him, better romantic films too.

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  • Chris Neilan said

    Look, I think Butler is a charismatic screen presence, but his choices have been awful. I thought he was actually quite likeable in Rocknrolla, which is some achievement because it was a terrible piece of atrociousness. PS I Love You and The Ugly Truth are terrible romantic films, and although yes I do have a slight male bias to my point of view (I hate Bradley Cooper for instance, mostly because he’s just so pleased with how good looking he is) I think it’s a far greater generalisation to say all women will love every minute of any film, regardless of how well made the film is, simply because they get to gawp at Gerard Butler.

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  • Anonymous said

    When they played I’ve got you under my skin, the scene was amazing. It was pretty unique fighting to a song like that. I can’t find that version though :/

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  • Isabella said

    i’m a girl and i think he’s very attractive and i still think this movie was absolutely horrible..horrible and raunchy

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  • muto said

    can someone tell me the name of the techno song in the movie starting at 00:16:05 to ~ 00 : 17 : 00 ?
    I really like it.

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  • EnoughFreeTime said

    hmmm well I see what you mean. Over all I think it was a decent movie though. I do think it had holes in it however that skipped over key things such as the end of the Humanz, you’d think that since they played such a vital role to the plot and plans in the movie in general they’d at least get some screen time of their deaths and when it happened instead of a off handed ‘their dead now.’

    Over all though aside from the holes and the random breast scenes that were pointless beyond showing the corruption of the world (but i think the fat guy did that well enough really,sweaty buda belly was enough show for me at least) it was a decent movie, it served the purpose movies are suppose to. It kept my attention and entertained.

    lol as for the music choices I agree it made me say ‘wtf’ when I heard The Bad Touch and Sweet Dreams. Though these songs did do what they were suppose to as well, hype up the moments.

    …as for the other songs, their pretty terrible. Like when Michael Hall started singing I’ve Got You Under My Skin…wtf. seriously. That matches metaphorically, but it didn’t hype, it didn’t get into into the action moment. It pulled you out of it like someone walking in on you masturbating…just ruined the moment.

    As for what I’ve noticed some other commenter’s saying about Bulter’s career movie choices as well, their just the odd array of roles that suit him. Least their not as poor choices as Nicolas Cage’s choice to be in a movie called The Wicker Man and his next call The Weather Man.

    But I’m rambling.

    Butler’s career more of kicked off after Phantom of the Opera. He was just further now by guys for 300 (if you minus the ass on the balcony scene). His choices are a bit random but he shoots for the intrigue of both genders in his movies career. He does make a lot of ‘chick flicks’ though, so I supose thats why most the guys on this think his work is terrible lol. But even if his roles don’t always please every single person his movies do as they are meant to. They keep your attention and entertain.

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  • Diana said

    I loved this movie that’s all I can say. And the soundtrack is just great.

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  • ethan said

    There’s a song that plays in the second battle, as an SUV turns in the air and then again as he tries to save the garbed lady a few moments later, it’s a simple piano piece or something. If ANYONE KNOWS THE TITLE TO THIS PIECE, PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE, TELL ME.

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  • brandon said

    I have been trying to find the name of that piano piece too ethan! I really want to know what it is =(.

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  • Cole Montez said

    The piano piece is the third track called deathmatch. It is about 1:45 into the song and it’s only about 20 second long piece.

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  • sebas said

    gracias!!!!!!!!!!!! la mejo peli de todas

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  • Miranda said

    the techno song is from The Bloodhounds… The name is ” The Bad Touch”….

    Sweat baby sweat baby sex is a Texas drought
    Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about
    So put your hands down my pants and I’ll bet you’ll feel nuts
    Yes I’m Siskel, yes I’m Ebert and you’re getting two thumbs up
    You’ve had enough of two-hand touch you want it rough you’re out of bounds
    I want you smothered want you covered like my Waffle House hashbrowns
    Come quicker than FedEx never reach an apex just like Coca-Cola stock you are inclined
    To make me rise an hour early just like Daylight Savings Time

    Do it now
    You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals
    So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
    Do it again now
    You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals
    So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
    Gettin’ horny now

    Love the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket
    Like the lost catacombs of Egypt only God knows where we stuck it
    Hieroglyphics? Let me be Pacific I wanna be down in your South Seas
    But I got this notion that the motion of your ocean means “Small Craft Advisory”
    So if I capsize on your thighs high tide, B-5 you sunk my battleship
    Please turn me on I’m Mister Coffee with an automatic drip
    So show me yours I’ll show you mine “Tool Time” you’ll Lovett just like Lyle
    And then we’ll do it doggy style so we can both watch “X-Files”

    Do it now
    You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals
    So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
    Do it again now
    You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals
    So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
    Gettin’ horny now

    You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals
    So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
    Do it again now
    You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals
    So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
    Do it now
    You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals
    So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
    Do it again now
    You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals
    So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
    Gettin’ horny now

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  • Dylan said

    What is the name of the techno song when they’re in that Rave place? It’s when Kable has just saved his wifey and the fat guy is still controlling her.

    Anyone know??

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