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Farrell, Murphy & Byrne To Star In ‘At Swim Two Birds’

Irish trio Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy and Gabriel Byrne have joined the cast of the coming-of-age tale At Swim-Two-Birds for Parallel Pictures. Brendan Gleeson will direct the film and also co star. Farrell, Murphy and Byrne have all worked with Gleeson before, most recently Gleeson and Farrell starred in the brilliant little gem, In Bruges.

An adaptation of Irish author Flann O’Brien’s seminal metaphysical novel, At Swim-Two-Birds follows a 19-year-old student who sees the fictional characters in the play he’s writing intertwining with the people in his life. The plot operates on many levels, incorporating plots within plots and includes elements of farce, satire and fantasy.


The film will mark the directorial debut of actor veteran Irish actor Brendan Gleeson. It sounds like a very ambitious project and it will certainly be interesting to see how this actor turned director handles his role on the opposite side of the camera. The question is, will this actors directorial debut be of Ben Affleck goodness (Gone Baby Gone) or of Ed Norton badness (Keeping the Faith).

Source: Dark Horizons

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Anything that is compared to Ulysses on its cover is going to be extremely hard to adapt.

    Even the title doesn’t make sense for starters.

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  • greg said

    at swim is a classical metafictional novel and will be hard to make into a movie. But if done well, the beautiful Irish countryside and interweaving of distinguishing, interesting characters should make the story interesting.

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  • Lydie Lebrun said

    Swim-Two-Birds is a place. So, *At* Swim-Two-Birds makes more sense when you take that into consideration.

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  • SqueakyRat said

    Well, he’s got his porridge, I’ll give him that.

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