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New Moon News Round-Up

New Moon Movie - Pictures Of Robert Pattinson & More
Having ignored it for many weeks, it’s New Moon movie news round-up time. That means new New Moon pictures featuring Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), Twilight tattoos, New Moon hedge mazes, and premiere dates. This post is dedicated to Adam Mason.

Today this all new still was made available, showing Edward and Bella holding hands in what appears to be Bella’s bedroom 😉 –

New Moon Movie - Pictures Of Robert Pattinson & More
It’s also been announced that Twilight Saga: New Moon will host its world premiere at The Village and Bruin Theatres in L.A. on November 16, 2009. I’m sure it’ll be a quiet and reserved event. If you can’t make it, the film officially hits theaters on November 19 (Australia), November 20 (USA), and November 27 (UK).

Utah’s largest corn maze has made New Moon its theme for this year. You can now walk around inside Taylor Lautner’s brain and find out which steroids he’s taking –

New Moon Movie - Pictures Of Robert Pattinson & More
There’s a reported surge in New Moon tattoos leading up to opening day. Tattoo parlours in L.A. say Twilight’s one of the top five themes being inked right now. Here are a couple of examples of artwork they will never regret –

New Moon Movie - Pictures Of Robert Pattinson & More

Robert Pattinson Pictures

Meanwhile, Eclipse (aka Twilight 3) has already started principle photography several weeks ago and will hit U.S. theatres 30 June 2010. That’s surely the shortest length of time ever between sequels filmed by different directors. David Slade is on board for this chapter. Yeah, the guy behind 30 Days of Night and Hard Candy – wtf.

Sources: Examiner, MTV

How excited are you for the Twilight: New Moon movie? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Thom said

    Twilight made me feel old. To cool for me (I’m only 27). New moon seems like it is going to be your typical high school teen drama (well, with the addition of werewolves)
    I hold out some hope for part 3 though. I think David Slade could actually make it interesting!

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  • xxx said

    I think David Slade is a really interesting choice for director. Summit are clearly inspired by the Harry Potter movie series which started playing it safe (Chris Colombus!) and moved on to edgier directors (Alfonso Cuaron) as the films became more sophisticated and dealt with more adult themes. I’ll be interested to see his take on ‘Eclipse’, hopefully bringing a darker edge to the film.

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  • 182 said

    i think new moon looks a lot better than twilight (not saying much) but it definately has more potential, in that its not just revolving around two characters talking about how they love/hate/want to eat each other. As for the werewolves…well to me they just look like overgrown red huskies. i do believe im the only 15 year old girl on the face of the planet who isnt infatuated with this story. over and out.

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  • Mauree' Nicole said

    I love the movie and the book Twilight! But I wasn’t as excited as i am for New Moon!!! The previews are breathtaking and show that New Moon is something to go crazy over.

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  • Bren bren said


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  • Jocelyn said

    dude twilight rocks my world i can wait till the new book comes out let alone the movie so that i can get everything i know down on paper

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  • joanne said

    My granddaughters (I’m a young grandmother)got me hooked on the twilight series, I read the series before I saw the first movie. I still enjoyed the movie because Catherine tried to stay as close to the book as possible.

    My granddaughters, daughters, and I already have plans to see New Moon when it comes out but from everything I’ve been reading I tink I’m going to be dissappointed with the second movie because Edwardis supposed to be in the beginning and end of the movie only except for when Bella hears Edwards voice when she does something extreme; What I’ve seen from the trailers and pictures of the making of the movie it sounds like Edward is going to be in the whole movie.

    To me I feel that the second book was supposed to be Jacob and Bellas story I know how it ends but having Edward in the whole movie even if it is dream sequences is going to ruin the plot. I feel this is Taylor and Kristin’s storyline not Robert, Taylor and Kristin’s story. I wish they would have stuck to the book like they did the first time. We shall see.
    Twilight Grandmom 🙂

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  • Jane said

    New Moon was probably the worst book ever. That’s not just ’cause I think Jacob (as the character) is totally obnoxious. The end of the book is quite exciting and romantic but for the main part of the story, It’s just Bella complaining how her life sucks so much after Edward (she won’t mention his name- wtf?) left her. Eclipse should be a much better movie.

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