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Fame soundtrack review. With dear old Mother Earth apparently on the verge of giving up the ghost due to humanity’s alarming propensity for wastefulness, it is accordingly entirely prudent that we attempt to recycle and renew wherever possible. And an excellent current example of just such a caring approach being adopted in regard to our hurting planet can be found in the way that we are currently replaying the 1980s in lieu of bothering to think up an original cultural identity for 2009. Whether the artistic realm is music, fashion or film, The Decade That Taste Forgot is back with all the merciless ferocity of an espadrille-sporting, keytar-fingering bout of the Black Death. Which is why it is no kind of surprise at all that the latest movie dusted down from the remake shelf is none other than Fame – a flick (and accompanying TV series) that couldn’t have been more 80s if it had starred Max Headroom and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Directed by Kevin Tancharoen, an erstwhile choreographer for Britney Spears (which in terms of getting started as a film-maker is pretty much the 21st century equivalent of editing Cahiers du cinéma), the ’09 version of Fame depicts four musical years in the lives of the students at the New York City High School of Performing Arts. The trailer suggests an austere rationing of irony, but a plethora of uplift in the face of adversity, and that latter quality is certainly not in short supply on the soundtrack album. The record is lumbered with more than its fair share of over-earnest American Idol semi-final power ballads, clumsily offset with chunks of ‘just tryin’ to make it’ hip-hop lite.

The Oscar-winning Fame title song has been given a makeover by the new movie’s lead actress, Naturi Naughton, although the freshly-amended galloping rhythm meant that I kept expecting Debbie Harry to shout “Call me!” over the chorus. But she didn’t. Naughton’s co-stars also horn in on the soundtrack act, and pleasingly they all manage to deliver their tunes devoid of any of that Mariah/Christina/Alicia “WooOOOoooOOoooOO!” octave-hopping nonsense that sounds as if the practitioner has been shoved down a fire escape mid-note. On the other hand, none of the songs themselves are exactly memorable, with a trio of leaden piano numbers served up by Asher Brook making for especially dreary listening.

A remix of Santigold’s You’ll Find A Way does manage to inject some life into the otherwise pretty dysfunctional soundtrack mix, but the absolute worst is saved for last, as album closer Hold Your Dream delivers an over-egged mess of Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway schmaltz and cod-gospel that is about as soulful as an airport Starbucks.

Listen To The Fame Soundtrack:

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Fame Soundtrack (Songs) (2009 Remake) – Track-Listing
1. Welcome to P. A. – Raney Shockne
2. Fame – Naturi Naughton
3. Big Things – Anjulie
4. Ordinary People – Asher Brook
5. This Is My Life – Hopsin, Ak’Sent, Tynisha Keli & Donte “Burger” Winston
6. Out Here On My Own – Naturi Naughton
7. Street Hustlin’ – Raney Shockne feat. Stella Moon
8. You’ll Find A Way (Switch & Sinden Remix) – Santigold
9. Can’t Hide From Love – Naturi Naughton & Collins Pennie
10. Black & Gold – Sam Sparro
11. Back To Back – Collins Pennie feat. Ashleigh Haney
12. I Put A Spell On You – Raney Shockne feat. Eddie Wakes
13. Get On The Floor – Naturi Naughton & Collins Pennie
14. Try – Asher Brook
15. You Took Advantage Of Me – Megan Mullally
16. Too Many Women (Damon Elliott Remix) – Rachael Sage
17. Someone To Watch Over Me – Asher Brook
18. You Made Me Love You – Raney Shockne feat. Oren Waters
19. Hold Your Dream – Naturi Naughton, Asher Brook, Kay Panabaker

Leave your thoughts on Fame and the Fame soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular song leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Dammit now I want to see a Max Headroom / Mikhail Gorbachev dance off.

    The original Fame soundtrack is one of the all time classics, I’m curious to see how this holds up. There doesn’t seem to be any talk or buzz about this film a week from release, or maybe all the chatter is being targeted at places I never go.

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  • Claire said

    Which song was it that Alice (Kherington Payne) dances to in her little routine in the weird black leotard?

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • bob marley said

    tbh this movie sucks sh*t
    the other one was extremly better
    but in this one
    the storyline sucked and it was hard to follow
    i recomend no one wasting their money and watching this sh*t ass movie

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • Elisabeth said

    Alice was dancing to Black & Gold by Sam Sparro. cool song.
    does anyone know the song, it’s by a British band i think, it comes on at one point of the movie(i’m not sure whether it was the end), but it has lyrics sounding like: Listermania/histermania??? like a light like a light ooh.
    i’m positive the words are WAYYY off. but i really couldn’t catch them from the accent. it was a really cool song, so if anyone can sort of decipher what i mean, i’ll be happy. cheers

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    • Jumars said

      I think the song you’re looking for is “liztomaniac” by phoenix ^^
      It’s been hard for me to find it, that’s why i know what you mean 😉

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    • Song_Lover#! said

      Do you mean Lisztomania – Phoenix? I’ve watched part of the movie but i didn’t see the part you are talking about. But when you said listermania the only thing i could think of is the song Lisztomania By Phoenix

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  • cait said

    i think the song your thinking is by phoenix called listomania 🙂

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  • question said

    whats the songs at the end when the credits are playing?? i really enjoyed it but didn’t know what it was

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  • Casey said

    I wanted to know what that song was called at the end where they were dancing to it. The lyrics I know goes “Go Ahead, I know you want it” But I don’t know what it is called?

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  • sunshinelover said

    ong what is that song that joy sings when she is drunk calle dI REALLY NEED TO KNOW!!!

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  • kelly said

    What is that song that that boy sings when he takes the girl to his dad’s restraunt and sits down. He plays her the paino too..
    anyone know?

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  • paxawai said

    may i know the title of the song that asher book sang on the restaurant with a piano.

    im not sure if it is there 😐
    kindly email me back. Thanks 🙂

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  • she said

    the song that asher brook sang on the piano to kay panabaker is called try and it is on the soundtrack. I luvd the movie sooo much, the dances were awesome i m sooo glad they made a remake.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • jayne iglesia said

    hey, what’s that song asher book played on the piano? i don’t think i have heard that before. the lyrics is so amazing. can someone tell me the title? 🙂 thanks! :))

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  • Someone said

    Could someone please tell me the name of the song which was playing in the Halloween Carnival? It was with a really deep bass and I can’t seem to find it!

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  • yeeep said

    you people who’re asking what song he sang on the piano, should read the rest.
    1. you can tell by the title “try”
    2. read the other comments and you could EASILY figure it out.

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  • Courtney said

    this movie is amazing! i loved it

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