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Top 10 Politicians In Movies

8. Jesse Ventura – Abraxas, Guardian Of The Universe


Of all the cheesy 80s sci-fi misadventures, ‘Abarax: Guardian of the Universe’ has to be one of the most outlandish. A flop of horrendous proportions, this movie sees Jesse Ventura (Governor of Minnesota) in the leading role, and at his lowest point of acting. Watching a politician run about earth as an alien policeman is part ironic, part cringe worthy.

Ventura’s mission is to apprehend a renegade of his own race who has impregnated a human woman with a mutant embryo.

Here’s Jesse Ventura vs Sven Ole’ Thorsen, babbling two sci-fi terms that have completely failed to enter popular language – “The Anti-Life Equation” and “Co-Mator”:

For better work, see Ventura in Predator and The Running Man. He also had a cameo in Batman And Robin as an Arkham Asylum security guard, a movie which contained no fewer then three of the politicians on this list.

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