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New Moon News Round-Up – Robert Pattinson Action Figures & More

New Moon News Movie - Sexy Pictures Overload, Robert Pattinson Action Figures & More |
It’s New Moon news round-up time. With just two months until the cinematic event of the year*, new pictures of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are cropping up all over –

New Moon News - Robert Pattinson In Bed
New Moon News - Taylor Lautner Topless
It’s interesting how sexualised these images are compared to those than accompanied the first film (which were very tame). If this upward trend continues will Twilight: Eclipse be using silhouettes of male penises?

The blockbuster success of the first film took the production by surprise, but this time they’re ready for it. Cue: merchandise. Lots and lots of merchandise. You can now pick up New Moon action figures for Edward, Bella, Jacob and Alice, or get the set here. (Alice is selling 4 times better than Bella on Amazon, did they cast the wrong lead actress?)


Also available now for pre-order is the New Moon Official Illustrated Movie Companion, which hits bookstores on October 6. Not to mention New Moon board game, bookmarks, backpacks, calender, napkins, and Jacob wig (just add to head and remove shirt).

Finally there’s a revealing snap of the sort of fairy-tale dream sequence that Bella is going to experience throughout New Moon (since Edward abandons her for most of the film) –

New Moon News
Now all someone needs to do is photoshop in thousands of fans in pursuit. Or perhaps Adam Mason running for his life in front.

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*For girls

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