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Twilight New Moon soundtrack (songs) - Listen & Download
The Twilight: New Moon soundtrack. So, there’s a second film about sexy boy vampires, and although you might have expected another twelve songs of emo bleurgh to go with it, it turns out those feisty little vamps and vampettes have grown out of all that noisy melancholy riff-rock and now have a taste for Thom Yorke, The Killers, Bon Iver, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. They grow up so fast.

The soundtrack album to the first Twilight got the ball rolling with Muse, Paramore and Linkin Park, so seeing Mr Yorke turn up here is something of a shock (a Thom Yorke track was used over the end credits of the first film, but was not included on the soundtrack. Since then Mr Yorke has presumably decided to embrace the Twilight series with open arms – expect many songs about kissing perty vampire boys on the next Radiohead album). Evergreen indie miserablists Death Cab For Cutie are on there too, sounding enjoyably miserable. Bon Iver are reliably lovely, and even BRMC have gone unplugged here. Twilight, it seems, has gone all acoustic and chilled.

There is an Editors song thrown in at the end just to ruin it – the Editors, as we all know, being not necessarily worse than Hitler, but certainly up there with Goebbels. But essentially, this is quite a good listen. It’s just got those stupid Abercrombie & Fitch vampires on the cover…

Listen To The Twilight: New Moon Soundtrack:

You can buy the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack on cd here
Or download it as mp3s here

Twilight: New Moon Soundtrack (Songs) (OST) – Track Listing
1. Meet Me On The Equinox (Death Cab For Cutie) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
2. Friends (Band Of Skulls) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
3. Hearing Damage (Thom Yorke) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
4. Possibility (Lykke Li) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
5. A White Demon Love Song (The Killers) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
6. Satellite Heart (Anya Marina) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
7. I Belong To You [New Moon Remix] (Muse) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
8. Rosyln (Bon Iver & St. Vincent) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
9. Done All Wrong (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
10. Monsters (Hurricane Bells) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
11. The Violet Hour (Sea Wolf) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
12. Shooting The Moon (Ok Go) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
13. Slow Life [with Victoria Legrand] (Grizzly Bear) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
14. No Sound But The Wind (Editors) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack
15. New Moon [The Meadow] (Alexandre Desplat) – New Moon Movie Soundtrack

Leave your thoughts on New Moon and the New Moon soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular song leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Maria said

    absolutely amazing; it has an electic vibe and its very different. It holds sad, emotional vibes as well which corrolates which the New Moon movie but most of all its beautiful 😉
    well done Chris Weitz.

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  • VML said

    I just want to give a shout out to Chris Weitz
    and I can’t wait to hear the soundtrack for myself 🙂

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  • Love the first soundtrack said

    Can’t stand this one.

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  • michaela sisco said

    hey i love the new moon soundtrack i want to buy it now in fact i have to go because im going to go to the store and byu it rite now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love twighlight

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  • Holly said

    To michaela sisco, I’ll sell you my copy. : (

    I am SO disappointed with this soundtrack. Only 2 songs that I like and 1 song I couldn’t even get through! Hit next half way through it. I know one of the themes of the second book is Bella’s suffering through her depression after Edward leaves, but OMG!

    Also, is anyone at all reminded of “Buffalo Bill” from Silence of the Lambs, when listen to this music? It’s all I could think about. The scene where he’s trying out his ‘girl suit” in the basement? The music in the background has the same vibe.

    Anyway, I really wished I liked it more. I’ll keep trying to like it, but I don’t hold out much hope. Don’t hate me. I love all things Twilight. But now I’ll be sad…October, November, December, January…

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  • shimmer said

    can anyone tell me which song is on trailar of newmoon? I meaan from 1:30 to the end of trailer,thanks

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  • vannie said

    i luv NEW MOON!
    the soudtrack is awesome!
    love muse!
    though i feel bad cuz paramore is not in the soudtrack!

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  • karla said

    does ANYONE know what the song is that was playing on the ‘MEET JACOB BLACK’trailer whenhe spins Bella around? i’ve been waiting to hear the soundtrack to see if it was on there, but it doesn’t seem to be. what is that song??? i really liked it. Please help-thanx

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  • Ashley said

    i really like this

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  • adi said

    its awesome !!!

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  • UniqueYanique said

    Where’s the Paramore? Sucks w/ out Paramore.

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  • jag said

    anyone can tell me the song played when the werewolfs were after the victoria….pls tx

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  • Kayra said

    To jag: Hearing Damage by Thom Yorke

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  • Amber said

    most of the songs i loved but others were just too depressing! but i loved it for the most part

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  • Erica said

    hey, thanks for this..
    but there is a song at 2 parts…
    its when jacob is asking belle to remeber about la push, and at the end when she says she loves jacob… cant find it anywhere and its killing me its so nice…
    could you try??
    thanks :))
    erica 🙂

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