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Zombieland 2 – Sequel Plans

Zombieland 2 - Sequel Plans
There’s been a lot of Zombieland sequel talk this week, so what should you expect from a Zombieland 2, and how likely is it?

First up, Zombieland has been very successful. It made its $23m budget back on opening weekend, with a haul of $25m. It has a 90% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes (almost unheard of for a comedy), and it’s rated the 230th best movie ever made by members of the public on imdb. All of which means a long box office run, and huge dvd sales (especially given how well horror sells on dvd anyway).

The studio is reportedly anxious for Zombieland sequels, and the writers are just as keen – “We’ve been spinning our wheels for a while because we love the world so much and because it began as a TV project, we started to think long-term and how to sustain the world. The first 45 to 50 minutes of the movie are the pilot and the last half of the movie is essentially episode two. We have a brainstorming document we open often and we have some fun ideas for a sequel.”

The writers also went on to say “Ultimately, we’d love Zombieland to go back to television.” Be certain though that the studio is going to want to keep it theatrical, at least for now.

Anyone who’s seen Zombieland knows that an uncredited big name actor appears in the second act. That role was also offered to Sylvester Stallone, Joe Pesci, Mark Hamill, The Rock, Kevin Bacon, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Matthew McConaughey, and originally written for Patrick Swayze before he got ill. It’s a pretty safe assumption that the big name cameo trend will continue, especially given how much extra buzz it’s generated. Only next time expect more names to say yes now the film is a proven success.

In fact if you’re looking for further Zombieland antics you may not have to wait long at all – expect a lot of deleted scenes on the Zombieland DVD. The first cut of the movie was two hours. It’s now 83 minutes. That’s 45 minutes of material.

What would you like to see happen in Zombieland 2? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Which A-list actor would you like to see cameo as a zombie? (My vote is for Samuel L. Jackson)

Source: ShockTillYouDrop

UPDATE (January 2013): Amazon.com are working on turning Zombieland into a TV show. Read more here.

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  • Daone said


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    • Cheescake said

      Congratulations, I’ve seen it about 15 times.

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      • Aaron said

        Fn Cheesecake that was funny, I’ve seen it even more than you but I like to see other people who are just as zealous about it. Maybe now he’ll try to catch up to us!! (and I still see new things)

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  • Joe said

    I saw it twice, and I’ve got to say although a sequel probably wouldn’t be as good as the first, I want to see it made anyways. Obviously, if the second movie is going to be about the original gang, they would head back east to check out what’s going on there. They might even visit Stephen King at his house in Maine or Massachusetts. Zombie lobstermen would be a huge hit. Maybe Zombieland 2 would be about a gang in England or Europe starring British comics such as Ricky Gervais, Russel Brand, Alan Rickman, etc. with maybe Keith Richards as the big name uncredited actor. There are so many options for the sequel(s) for Zombieland.

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  • Nick said

    I just saw Zombieland about 30 minutes ago with my girlfriend and it is one of… perhaps THE most outstanding and magnificent movie I have seen in a long time. However, it needed more gore. After all, it is a zombie movie. =)
    Can’t wait for it to sell on DVD…

    I think the sequel should follow up RIGHT AFTER what happened in the first one, but this time, the main story is about Jesse Eisenberg “Columbus” wanting to find and reunite with his family. I feel that the sequel should have a little darker tone this time…

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    • K@ said

      His family is dead… Remember?

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      • slay said

        well all it said that the city of colombus was really f**ked…it never truly confirmed the death of his family…but if they are like colombus then they probably are dead. XD

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  • alex sparks said

    i saw this movie on thursday and went back again sunday, i am planning on going a third time to see this because well, it deserves at least 5 views so i don’t miss anything.

    but i have to say it wasn’t “star studded”, i think harrelson is a great actor, eisenberg done an awesome job, emma stone was hot as usual and abigail breslin done well to play the part of the little sister.

    i have to give it a 10/10 and if zombieland 2 is made then i hope it follows the same concept of this one because it was a great watch.

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  • Derrick said

    I saw this movie yesterday. I was pretty excited over this movie since I heard about it. It was even pretty nice that my home town got a mention in the beginning πŸ˜‰ It was a small one but it got the crowd going. I’d love to see a sequel following the same quartet maybe more gore. I’m scared to say a bad idea so I’ll just leave it at this πŸ™‚

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  • Joe said

    Great and funny movie!
    There is a line in the movie that gives it away (there will be a sequel)but you’ll have to watch the movie to know what I’m writing about

    Samuel L. Jackson? in Zombieland 2? God I hope not! No need for a one dimensional actor these days and that’s exactly what he is. Every line is f this and mf that. No need for it in a fun movie as Zombieland. Keep it clean and fun I say πŸ˜‰

    I agree with Nick.The movie should start off right where it left off and with the same actors

    For fun, they should put Norm from cheers in it as a cameo (just a thought )

    Great movie and fun to watch!!

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  • McIsaac360 said

    It definitely left room for a sequel….

    With the apocolypse still at hand, the US of Zombieland becomes a powerless wasteland due to massive black outs… Tallahassee, The newly engaged Columbus and Wichita and last Little Rock take on a charter plane and head to Tokyo Japan in search of a new exotic life filled with fast cars, working electricity,beautiful scenery and Twin Dome Vanilla Cream Cake (Japan’s Twinkie)http://japanesesnackreviews.blogspot.com/2009/05/twin-dome-vanilla-cre am-cake-japans.html

    However a gang of Yakuza zombies are on their tail things won’t be easy.

    Wesley Snipes as him self.
    Steven Segal
    Masi Oka
    & Olivia Munn

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Love it. In the crisis Wesley Snipes returned to the one place in his life where he felt the safest – the set of Rising Sun.

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  • McIsaac360 said

    Exactly… Plus Woody and Wesley have an on set off set friendship… Ala Bill Murray and Woody haha.

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  • Mike M said

    Being a big fan of Zombie movies i have to say that this was absolutaly a great movie. The creators of Zombieland have brought back from the dead the classic stylings of George Romero sequels, but with a twist. Im looking forward to seeing more Zombieland sequels down the road. There are countless amounts of possibilities for future sequel. Just keep up the dark comedy. I loved it.

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  • Junior Roberts said


    I have to say this was the most entertaining and original film I’ve seen this year. It was different from all other Zombie movies because it focused more on regular everyday characters than the usual army/government/mad scientist agenda and never hinted at the usual “we must find a cure” plot.

    If they have a sequel, they should definitely carry on with the same characters. Probably, focus on the past life of the girls. I like the idea someone already commented of following Columbus back home BUT as he said, he was a loner, so it wouldn’t be very interesting. But following the girls back home, introducing a third love interest to confuse Columbus and Wichita relationship would be cool. To see how Columbus responds to competition would be VERY interesting.

    Also, as for guest appearances… it should be a high ranking celeb not really known for being a comedian that no one will see coming (e.g Ryan Seacrest, Tiger Woods, Keiffer Sutherland, Oprah, Tyra Banks) as a zombie.

    Just my thoughts… please, let me know what you think on my sequel plot…

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Junior, all your celeb picks would be amusing. But please, no Tyra.

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  • Junior Roberts said

    @Sheridan Tyra may not be the best actress (by far!!!), but have you ever seen an episode of America’s Next Top Model? With all the horror photo shots and excessive makeup, she’s already halfway a zombie πŸ˜‰

    The recession isn’t over… she’ll save the studio money on their makeup budget.

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  • Joel said

    Ive already seen this movie 6 times! My personal favorita of all time. πŸ™‚ cant wait for a sequel! and it better ahve the same main actors. emma stone made half of the movie πŸ˜‰

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  • Braden said

    Absolutely Amazing movie, and yes Joel, Emma Stone did make half the movie, if not 3/4 of it.

    And as everyone said, this could go many ways.

    Keep the Main Characters.

    New Star Zombies. (Matthew McConaughey, John Travolta, Channing Tatum)

    It would also be pretty funny to take someone like Paris Hilton, save her, and then kill her off.

    But they should head East, because like normal, it good on the east in the west and its good in the west for the east.

    They should throw in another Witchita and Little Rock Escape from Columbus and Tallahasee.

    Maybe something more with Columbus’s Clown fears.

    They should have Tallahasee find his dog, show his tender side and make some great jokes about it.

    And obviously one big seen like the amusment park when someone has to save the others, but not enough that you couldnt leave a 3rd movie in.

    Zombieland was one of the greatest movie of all time, Ranked 230th of all time, this movie has Great Comedy, Great thriller/Horror, and Some Sick A** Gore to make you cringe.

    Make over 25mil, this definately deserves a sequel, Look at all the comments Paul Wernick And Rhett Reese, people have gone to see this movie 2+,3+,4+ times !!

    Please give America want we want, ZOMBIELAND 2 !!

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    • You are a tool said

      Are you an idiot? It was not his dog, it was his son. Did you actually watch the movie?

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      • Cheescake said

        Ya, what a dumb ass

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        • Tim said

          Zombieland rocks and a second would be awesome Jason Statham would be a great pick for a Zombie role but when has anyone ever seen an action packed zombie. I think it would be great to have an oboma or bin laden zombie. miley cyrus should be in it as a survivor that gets eaten by zombies

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