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Top 10 Christmas Presents For Movie Fans

Top 10 best movie related Christmas gifts (2011) -“Christmas comes but once a year and every year it’s grander, this year will be best of all when you unwrap your brand new sander!” Of course you really need to want a sander for that little ditty to work, and that seems an unlikely object of ultimate desire for us sedentary types here at Movie-Moron. So instead I’ve picked out 2011’s top Christmas presents for movie fans:

10. Alien Vault: The Definitive Story Behind The Film

best movie Christmas gifts 2011
However Ridley Scott’s Prometheus turns out – and hopes remain so very, very high for so very, very many film fans – it will do nothing to tarnish the lustre of Sir Ridders’ original classic Alien. This reassuringly chunky tome retells the story behind that slasher movie in space, featuring storyboard artwork and H.R. Giger’s groundbreaking creature designs. [Buy: US / UK]

9. Cars 2: Micro Scalextric

best movie Christmas gifts 2011
The Cars sequel might have been a rare critical flop for the cartoon gods of Pixar, but it still cleaned up at the global box office. Hard to knock the cute factor of the characters either, and this racing set allows for you to deploy Lightning McQueen ‘n’ his perennially cheery grin in your own living room. [Buy: UK]

8. Dagobah Frog Habitat

2011 good Christmas gifts movies
Wouldn’t have been humiliating for Yoda, a centuries-old master of mind and body alike, to be carried round like a baby in Luke’s backpack? Oh well, at least young Skywalker didn’t try to burp the snot-coloured sensei. [Buy: US]

7. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

best 2011 Christmas movie presents
Video games are getting more cinematic all the time, and this is the newest instalment in the most movie-like series of them all – it being a fairly shameless homage to that Indiana fella. In the movie world, Neil Burger (Limitless) is the latest director to try and fashion a big screen adaptation of Uncharted; let’s just hope he doesn’t nuke any fridges. [Buy: US / UK]

6. Breaking Bad & Mad Men

top Christmas movie presents 2011
That TV is better than movies has become a common refrain of our times, it now being seen as a medium more receptive to a strong creative vision than the multiplex blockbuster. Two of the most acclaimed, Mad Men and Breaking Bad have both now completed four tours of duty, and this Xmas seems an ideal opportunity to get up-to-date with both. [Buy: US, US / UK, UK]

5. Drive Soundtrack

top 2011 Christmas movie gifts
If the movie wasn’t quite the hit that the rapturous reviews suggested then Nicolas Winding Refn’s style-fest has still yielded the coolest soundtrack of the year so far. Featuring electro-pop cuts from Kavinsky, Desire and College, plus the terse score from Cliff Martinez, it’s the perfect accompaniment for that drive over to see the in-laws… as you imagine you’re going to feed them a bullet or stamp on their head. Merry Christmas! [Buy: US / UK]

4. Story of the Scene: The Inside Scoop On Famous Moments In Film

best Christmas movie gifts
Rather than delving into a whole movie, author Roger Clarke instead has elected to look back at a whole host of iconic movie scenes; the Alien chest-burst, the ear-slice of Reservoir Dogs and the horse’s head in the bed in The Godfather are all heralded as featuring. [Buy: US / UK]

3. The Hunger Games Novels Boxset & John Carter Of Mars Novel

best Christmas presents movies
The opening salvo of 2012 blockbusters is led by a pair in March, namely The Hunger Games and John Carter. So why not wrap your peepers around the source novels now, so you can moan about the quality of the adaptations then? [Buy: US, US / UK, UK]

2. Harry Potter – The Complete 8 Film Collection

best Christmas movie gifts
You have about four weeks to definitely get your paws on a copy of this baby, given that Warner Bros. is going to cease shipping the Potter films as soon as Xmas has passed. So move fast or miss out… at least till Warners re-releases all the movies in some shiny new deluxe editions next Xmas. [Buy: US / UK]

1. Star Wars: The Complete Saga

best Christmas movie gifts
Hey, let’s call a halt to hostilities. Instigate that Christmas ceasefire. And declare an end to the increasingly voluble George Lucas-bashing until next year when he starts pushing his Star Wars saga back into cinemas – this time in mediocre 3D. But for now, let’s just savour the golden era when he delivered some of the finest mainstream entertainment movies of all-time, now given crisp new visual treatment (just don’t mention his latest tinkering…) [Buy: US / UK]

Any of these interest you? What do you think is the perfect Christmas gift for a movie fan this year?

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    I’m asking for a 6 month subscription to unlimited DVD rental & streaming package. It’s the only way I can sneak classier DVDs into my household 😉

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