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Warren Ellis’ Gravel Comic Headed To Big Screen

Gravel Movie - News
Warren Ellis, one of the comic world’s finest writers, is a very busy man these days. Apparently not satisfied with having six comic books on the go at once, a webcomic, a column on Second Life, a novel, a developing television series, a DVD animated movie of Castlevania: Dracula’s Curse and early 2000’s comic Red in movie development, Ellis’ sporadically released comic series Gravel is now heading into pre-production.

Gravel, co-created and now written by artist Mike Wolfer concerns the exploits of ‘combat magician’ William Gravel. Aside from having the hardest manly name since Chev Chelios, he’s an ex-SAS soldier who works with magic that applies to war but also moonlights as a mercenary for a few X-Files-type capers and adventures.

The first draft will be written by Ellis himself, who will then sit back as executive producer. Rick Alexander (TV’s Strong Medicine) will be producing.

Source: Variety

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