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Roland Emmerich Wants To Make Independence Day 2

Independence Day 2 - Sequel Plans
Given ‘Independence Day’s massive financial (if not critical) success and it’s ubiquity in popular culture (who hasn’t seen the shot of the White House being vaporized) it seems strange that Fox has never attempted to make a cash-in sequel. Well Roland Emmerich (director of the original and of the upcoming disaster flick ‘2012’) was asked about the prospect this week and he seems to love the idea. So why hasn’t it happened?

From Latino Review

Dean Devlin and I are still set to make a sequel likely because we’ve found some sort of idea and we approached Fox and Fox has not quite figured out how to incorporate Dean’s and my deal, and Will’s (Smith) deal. Will wants to do it in some sort of a package they can live with. So it’s just been in [negotiations] now since forever, and naturally Fox says ‘Why don’t you do it without Will Smith?’ I said Will is essential for us, for this movie and actually for the audience too. And, so, it’s in limbo and lately the studios are fighting. Like gross players, and Will is a gross player and is probably the only gross player right now who’s worth his gross. So we’ll see what happens. I would love to do it.

Emmerich goes on to say that he has a “a very really good great story” in mind for the sequel already, so I guess it’s just down to getting Smith to sign on the dotted line. Hey, it can’t be any worse than ‘I, Robot’.

What do you think about a sequel to ‘Independence Day’? And for that matter do you think the original is even good enough to warrant continuing the story?

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  • Sheridan Passell said

    It’s popular to bash Independence Day but I remember the sheer jaw dropping moment of seeing the first teaser with the wall of flames consuming the cars in New York. And the mood of the first half of the movie was great. It started to take a dive after Will Smith punched the alien in the face, and hit rock bottom with the praying and uploaded computer virus at the end. The fx are still impressive, one can only imagine what they could do with the scenario 13 years (!) later. Of course a new installment will be poorly written and acted but the visuals alone make it worth doing – there’s nothing I enjoy at the movies more than big screen sci-fi spectacle.

    And no, an Independence Day 2 doesn’t need Will Smith. This is one brand that will survive fine without him. If his pay demands are blocking its progress then can him.

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  • Mulk said

    If they make this movie they need Will Smith and i know most of the movie going public will agree with me, i loved the 1st one in its entireity and Will Smith did a great job, so im hoping that this movies is pushed through and i cant wait for the release

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  • Sheridan Passell said

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d like Will Smith to be in it, and he’d be great, but if his pay demands are stopping the project, which they basically seem to be, then do it without him. The movie will still do very well. There were three leads in the first one, Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith, and Bill Pullman.

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  • Thom said

    Independence Day 2 = District 10? 😉

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  • Mulk said

    if they did get jeff goldblum to be in this movie then i would deffinatly be ok with it, i guess as long as one of thoes leads come back then i will be happy with the movie as long as it has a new story and isnt just the same story but a different day

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  • Lu Galasso said

    “a very really good great story”

    What a talented writer this Emmerich guy is. Is that a direct quote? Let’s get this into production, stat!

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  • linda said

    An Independence Day 2 thirteen years later sounds like a bad idea to me. 1) it’s going to be the same story, because that’s what sequels do 2) and i agree with mulk unless Will Smith or Jeff Goldblum are in it, America’s not going to care…I’m not going to care that’s for sure. Yeah visual affects will be over the top awesome but nobody will care if the story and acting is bad. It’s going to be a bust and i personally think it’s way too late anyway.

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  • Zyczenia na urodziny said

    he total worldwide gross for Independence day was $816,969,268. This is the 19th highest gross earnings for a movie in history and at one time it held the number two spot in the all time moneymaker films of all time. Independence day holds the record as the highest grossing movie for the year 1996.
    Independence day was the movie that sparked the popularity of big scale disaster movies, and many like it soon followed, including Armageddon, Deep Impact, and Titanic. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 12 years since the movie was released!

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  • Derek said

    Being it 13-15 years ago after the first one. If the producers do decide to make another one. They should make it into a prequel around Randy Qaid’s character. The visitors capturing him, and having him escape. Then Reboot the franchise after Independence Day with Will Smith and Bill Pullman’s kids involvement with the aliens.

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  • Sheridan Passell said

    Have you seen Randy Quaid recently? I don’t think he’s going to be able to pull off a prequel. He’d have to be cast as his own grandfather.

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  • Chris said

    Independence Day is my favorite movie. PLEASE make the sequel with Will.

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