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Top 10 WTF Halloween Movie Costumes

Top 10 Best Halloween Movie Costumes You can tell a lot about someone by the movie costume they choose for Halloween. A guy, let’s say, who wants to be seen as threatening, as an original, would don a Joker costume, but in doing so only prove he was the opposite. Certainly Halloween gives a good hint at how creative and imaginative a person is, but sometimes the result is so far off the chart it’s right into the wtf zone. These are the top 10 WTF Halloween movie costumes.

Top 10 Best Halloween Movie Costume

Top 10 Best Halloween Movie Costume

Top Movie Costumes
(Definitely the right amount of glee)

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Best Movie Costumes

2009 Halloween Movie Costumes

Top Movie Costumes

Movie Costume Halloween

Halloween Costumes Ideas - Movies

Couples Halloween Costume

Our own sub-editor (Prof. Loug), as Jaws -

Top 10 Best Halloween Movie Costume

Got a good idea for the best Halloween movie costume ever? Got a link to a costume that should have been included? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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