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12 Badly Worn Hairstyles In Movies

12. ‘Bob’ The Joker’s sidekick in Batman

For a man with so few lines, he sure knows how to make an impact. This haircut is so homemade, moviegoers could be forgiven for thinking this was an early appearance of the Scarecrow. However, this one is more Worzel Gummidge than Cillian Murphy.

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  • Philip James said

    I always thought the hairstyles in Edward Scissorhands were the worst.

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  • g.d.smith said

    I cannot believe you missed the kirk era star trek movies.
    Your talking about a set of films where william shatner does not automatically win the unconvincing crown-topper award. Every time Chekov appears I expect the Cramps to pitch in with call of the wig hat. What’s that on your head, whats that on your dog.
    Other great ones are the mighty Burt Reynolds in Deliverence and everything else.
    My personal number one? Travolta in Be Cool sporting a classic Mr Moto that sets of the unaturally smooth skin to stunning effect.

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