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Top 5 Hidden Subliminals In Disney Movies
Top 10 Worst Sequels To Great Movies
Top 10 Ridiculous Sex Scenes
Top 30 Ridiculous Batman Comic Covers
Top 15 Ridiculous Spiderman Comic Covers
Top 10 Time Travel Movies

Top 10 Scary Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen
Top 10 Squirm-Inducing Horror Scenes
Top 10 Vampire Movies
Top 10 Werewolf Movies
Top 10 Zombie Movies
Top 10 Slasher Movies
Top 10 Creepiest Ghost Movies
Top 10 Stephen King Movies
Top 10 Movies About Death
Top 9 Giant Movie Monsters
Top 10 Not-Yet Famous Actors Who Got Killed In Horror Movies
Top 10 WTF Halloween Movie Costumes
One Man Watches A Horror Movie Every Day For A Month
Freddy vs Jason vs Michael
Top 10 British Horror Movies Of The Last 10 Years (2014)
Top 20 Best Horror Movies On Netflix (2013)
Top 5 Free Horror Movies Online (2011)
Top 10 Scariest Movies Of The Last 10 Years (2011)

Top 10 Movie Presidents
Top 10 Real Politicians Who Were In Movies
Obama’s Top 5 Favorite Movies

Top 20 Romantic Movies
Top 10 Romantic Comedies
Top 10 Pleasantly Surprising Nude Scenes

Top 10 Bond Villains
Top 10 Bond One Liners
Top 10 Worst Parts Of Bond Movies
Best & Worst Bond Movies
Top 5 Re-edited Bond Scenes

Top 10 Movie Facts That Are Hard To Believe
Top 10 Movie Facts That Are Hard To Believe II
Top 10 Movie Facts That Are Hard To Believe III
Top 10 Cool Facts About Groundhog Day
Top 10 Cool Facts About Gremlins

Top 10 Johnny Depp Movies
Top 10 Adam Sandler Movies
Top 10 Harrison Ford Movies
Top 10 Ryan Reynolds Movies
Top 10 Jessica Alba Movies
Top 10 Milla Jovovich Movies

Top 5 Classic Movie Scenes With An Added Balloon
Top 5 Inappropriate Soundtracks
Top 12 Unconvincing Movie Hairstyles
Top 5 Bartenders In Movies
Top 10 Feel Bad Movies
Top 5 Disapproving Looks At Russell Crowe’s Haircut
Swine Flu Special: Top 5 Most Most Reassuring Pigs In Movies

Top 10 Wildest Cannes Moments
Top 10 British Gangster Films
Top 10 British Comedy Films Of The Last 10 Years
Top 50 Best Trailers
Top 50 Best War Movies
Top 10 Baseball Movies
Top 10 Dance Movies
Top 10 Manliest Musicals
Top 10 Misguided Singing Careers By Actors
Top 10 Drive-In Movie Theaters
Top 10 Most Shameless Uses Of Product Placement In Film
Top 10 Actors Who Died Before Seeing Their Final Movie
Top 10 Star Wars Quotes
Top 10 Comedies That Deserve A Sequel
Top 10 High School Characters That Could Actually Exist
Top 8 Reasons Ben Affleck Will Be Great As Batman
Top 10 Sweatiest Movies
Top 10 Feel Good Christmas Movies
Top 10 Worst Christmas Movies
Top 10 Christmas Presents For Movie Fans
Top 5 Reasons The ‘Fifty Shades’ Movie Will Be Awful
Top 10 Movies With The Worst Weather
Top 10 Best Dramas Of 2013


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  • Gerard said

    Dear MM,

    Shouldn’t there be a thriller top 10? … Or a crime top 10, an exciting plot top 10, a police movie top 10, a secret agency top 10, an all-time suspense top 10, a serial killer top 10 .. to name a few.

    Hope to inspire some 😉



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  • Gerard said

    Hi Sheridan,

    Thanks for the link! 🙂



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