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Upcoming Movie Remakes New List (up to 2015)

Ben Hur
The Crow
Death Note
Dirty Dancing
Fantastic 4
Ghost In The Shell
The Jungle Book
Mortal Kombat
The Jungle Book
The Raid
Short Circuit
A Star Is Born
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Tell No One
The Thin Man
Tomb Raider
The Toxic Avenger
The Twilight Zone
The Warriors


Which upcoming remakes between now and 2015 are you looking forward to most? Click on a title for details. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • g.d.smith said

    I sometimes think Bay and co remake everything to make their original concepts look better. The TCM travesty’s real purpose was to make The Rock and Pearl Harbour look like classics. Either that or they genuinely believe that every film ever made would be better if they featured lots of shots of girlies in tight jeans and crop-tops. Yeah, that Stalker is a pretty good movie. But imagine how much better it would be with Megan Fox, lots of CGI, senile dope jokes and some kick ass action scenes.

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  • Jean said

    I think new remakes are not always a good thing. And I really don’t like the idea of remaking movies that are GREAT ALREADY. What, there’s a HUGE new-ideas-crisis in Hollywood? Filming computer games, remaking good movies over and over again… what next? Toilet-paper-instruction-based trilogy? Sad…

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  • paul said

    Classics are classics. What’s next? Remake Jaws and Star Wars? sheesh. It’s proof that Hollywood knows that people will pay some dollars to see how technology has affected the movie, even though everyone knows it will have not NEAR the impact it had the original time because then it was less about tech and more about story! That’s how they became friggin’ classics! Grab a new generation, okay. But can we give it 30-40 years before you drop kick and mangle what was once beautiful? (even if it was only 80′s technology)

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  • g.d.smith said

    Jaws is one of my all time favourite films. But if someone remade it I would be first in line to see it. The problem with remakes is no matter how bad they are you are curious enough to waste money finding out how bad they are.
    Thus Bay did say unto his deciples, “Go forth and remake, for I see great profits”. And so it was and ever shall be.

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  • PKB said

    Remakes shouldn’t even be made Unless the original was seriously terrible or if the original somehow was lost/destroyed. Or if the person who wrote the original story were 100% involved to make it just like the one before. “A remake of Starwars?” Why not, but only if George Lucas works on it but doesn’t change the story.

    Someone above me said why not wait 30-40 years, I support that by saying wait over 50 years at least. I feel Hollywood has come to the point where they’re old, and can’t do anything original anymore and rely on making remakes. They rely on CG effects and want to spend less just to get more money. Makes me wonder what happened to the good old days were we went to the movies with friends to actually enjoy a movie, an original story for the screen that wasn’t based on something else.

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  • Jason said

    I want to know why Hollywood just cant seem to make good movies anymore? What the heck is going on? Don’t they understand they still have to have a story to make great movies people will stay and watch and pay for. I can not find any movies anymore that haven’t been remade at least once well except a movie called Eraserhead and that in its own right is a kind of a freakish movie. Someone HELP us, I’m tired of these Hollywood morons.

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  • gd smith said

    The irony of all these upcoming movie remakes is that over the last decade and a bit Hollywood has made some really ambitious and great films. Much stronger films than from the tail end of the 80s to the 90s.
    As always the real problem is lack of a big audience for original stuff that is genuinely good. personally I rate The Assassination of Jesse James, Zodiac,Eternal Sunshine, where the wild things are, and lot of other films along side the best American films of any decade. That they are not seen in the same way as The Godfather or Kane or Paths of Glory or Taxi Driver is not Hollywood’s fault.
    The thing is the democratisation of taste you get with the Internet results in a reduction in the notion of a classic. No offence to fans of The Dark Night or Avatar, but these are good solid slices of entertainment. They are not great films. I enjoyed one and got eye-strain from the other.

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  • Bob said

    “Did we really need another version of this classic?” That’s the question. Although I’m down for the new It movie.

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  • Bruce said

    Some of the remakes coming soon sound good but you should really only remake movies that weren’t great to begin with. When you remake “classics” it just annoys people because it’s just redoing something that was already perfect.

    Not only are they remaking 70s and 80s classics, but they are starting to remake/reboot stuff from the ’00s like Tomb Raider, Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four. In a couple of decades, I’ll be watching nothing but remakes.

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  • Jason said

    I think any remake anyone wants to do is fine, I mean it doesn’t detract from the original anyways, it doesn’t change it. If you don’t want to watch the remake, don’t watch it, no one is forcing you. If anything, a remake compliments an original by appreciating or paying tribute to how great the plot was.

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    Ghostbusters remake please ….that is all …..thank you.

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  • Meriah said

    all these 2012 movie remakes jus lets us kno that although time is passing and technology is advancing we are STILL LIVING IN THE PAST!!! nd we cant let it go………new technology is jus making everyone lazy so instead of thinking of new stories and being creative, they jus try to perfect what someone else already did pretty well………

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    • Rose said

      Oh PLEASE.

      A LOT of these movies DO actually need a remake. Take IT for example. The first version left SO much out from the books (such as the underage gang bang, though I hate that part of the book” and I’m not sure which Akira they mean, never saw an American version, but if they mean the Japanese, then YES, it needs a remake. I read the comics, and the movie changed and took out too much.
      Same with the live action death notes. Too much taken out. I also want a Silent hill redo, even if I loved the first one.

      Some movie on the list don’t need to be touched, but a lot weren’t done right in the first place. I’d take a movie that follows the book/comic/whatever over a ‘classic’ any day.

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  • Joe said

    I think I’m going to puke. I would literally pay money to watch 180 minutes of paint drying than another bastardized remake of a classic film.

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  • Bryan said

    Obviously remakes are not as good as the original because of technology. Originals gave you suspense by making you wait for the moment that something will happen without you knowing what is going to happen. Like a friend taking revenge on you and you know it’s gonna happen but you don’t know when, it makes you stay alert 24/7. Remakes focus more on stupid special effects rather than the plot. It’s like in the South Park episodes of Imagination Land when the govt. calls movie writers to come up with ideas and all the writers can come up with is special effects and explosions…. But what I hate more is when Hollywood is trying to remake movies from other nations without even knowing what the whole plot is about. The Last Airbender sucked compared to the cartoon, and I am totally against a Death Note remake because no one can play the part of the psychotic main character. In order for them to make a decent remake Hollywood would have to talk to the creator, read and analyze the manga, watch the episodes, and watch the movies over and over again, and even with that I still think that a remake of Death Note would totally suck.

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  • Kerri said

    I am furious about some of the movie remakes that are coming soon, like Short Circuit, Akira, The Warriors and Oldboy! I love how film makers can’t come up with their own original ideas nowadays so they have to ruin classic films that don’t need to be messed with!

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