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Upcoming Movie Remakes New List (up to 2020)

The Blob
Charlie’s Angels
Child’s Play
Jacob’s Ladder
The Lion King
Masters of the Universe
Miss Bala
Pet Sematary
The Upside
What Men Want
X-Men: Dark Pheonix



Which upcoming remakes between now and 2020 are you looking forward to most?


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  • Allan said

    Robert didn’t want to be in the nightmare movie remake, and I can’t blame him, it was CRAP. The new F13th was crap, the new Texas Chainsaw was crap, the new Halloween was just plain stupid. Some people understand movies that were made great the first time around are pointless to remake, because it can only go downhill and it always does big time. The original Nightmare was just plain awesome and it was made very well. It had good acting, special effects, and fantasy elements. There is just no reason to remake it. Michael Bay and Rob Zombie both are terrible film makers and destroy every movie they attempt to remake. Michael Bay turns everything into a generic slasher, Rob Zombie turns everything into stupid rednecks and voodoo. Enough is enough already.

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    • Kelsey said

      I agree and disagree with your comment…I think Rob Zombie is a good film maker, I absolutely loved the concepts of “House of 1000 corpses” and “The Devil’s Rejects” I think he has a great knack for writing some messed up stories…which really aren’t too farfetched when you think about it, there are some messed up people in the world like the Firefly family lol…BUT the Halloween movies were definitely not the best, in fact not even close….but I don’t absolutely hate those, because they weren’t really remakes….they were totally different…I don’t know if this is making sense or not but what I mean is…It was pretty much just a backstory of Michael instead of a total remake :/

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  • Robert King AKA Frosted Peggs said

    I’m tired of the reboot BS. Make something new. The originals are better 99.9% of the time.

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  • Antonio cromartie said

    DO NOT TOUCH “The thing” the carpenter remake was perfection. Even the original was great. U cannot possibly top what has come before in this case.

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  • Sean said

    Alright, so now I hear they’re going to remake Stephen King’s “THE STAND”. If it’s successful($$$) what will they call the sequel? “STOOD”??

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  • Sarah said

    I watched the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street last night. If I hadn’t already seen the original and already knew the story I would of turned it off halfway through. It was rubbish. Freddy looked like a real burns victim, not something of nightmares, the acting was poop, the effects were nowhere near as good as they could of been and the story was changed around too much. Stick with the originals I say!

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    • barbara said

      I totaly agree with you, they just completely
      ruined freddy. . . I want the old one back

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    • Zaur said

      I never saw the remake, but if it was half as bad as The Friday the 13th remake theres absolutly no need

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  • Michael said

    The thought of a N.O.E.Street remake was a good thing, I only wish they could have gotten Robert to have part in it. it’s only fitting that he gets to revive the character if they reboot it again

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  • casey said

    I love the remakes and the remake of Fright Night looks better than the original

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  • DanDmaN said

    Y not make daredevil2? afterall daredevil1 was great!!!!! Hulk2 (edward norton), tired of xmen!!!!! Try X-FACTOR!!!!!

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  • Robert said

    Why do they have to make re-makes or “re-boots” to make it sound cooler!? The list here of re-makes doesn’t interest me at all!!!!!!!!! “A Star Is Born” will be the 3rd re make and The 3 Musketeers have been re-made dozens of times!!! And “DUNE”?? That sucked the first time around!!!!! I have absolutely no interest in seeing any of these re-makes!!!!!!!

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  • foxyfee23 said

    When will someone remake Wonderwoman???? I think Angelina Jolie would be a awesome Wonderwoman!!!!!!

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  • Julie W said

    I surprised as to why “Fright Night” and “Straw Dogs” are not on this list!

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Well spotted. We haven’t written anything about Straw Dogs (it looks pale by comparison to the excellent original) and Fright Night was just removed because it’s already out (these are upcoming remakes).

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  • Voca said

    I didn’t know they would remake Death Note.. ._. I wonder what it’ll be like..

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  • bobface said

    not looking forward to the oldboy remake. the original is such a great movie, but they’ve had to alter the script majorly from top to bottom to suit american audiences. if i told you what they had to change it would spoil the original but the original movie is going to take a butchering. ive rarely seen a good american remake to any asian (magnificent seven is the only one i can think of).

    also i dont want to hate, but how the hell is josh brolin going to replace choi min shik in that role? its like remaking the godfather and replacing al pacino with freddie prinze jr

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  • Joe Salami said

    As it’s already been said, if the movie was great the first time around why remake it for. Just doesn’t make sense.

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  • karen said

    i hate it.. i wished or more likely hoping they’ll making the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. tv series into a movie.. guys let them hit the big screen..

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