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Upcoming Movie Remakes New List (up to 2020)

The Blob
Charlie’s Angels
Child’s Play
Jacob’s Ladder
The Lion King
Masters of the Universe
Miss Bala
Pet Sematary
The Upside
What Men Want
X-Men: Dark Pheonix



Which upcoming remakes between now and 2020 are you looking forward to most?


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  • Doug Denslowe said

    I’d love to see Daredevil remade,especially if Frank Miller was involved.

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  • Kelsey said

    I think this is just dumb, remakes are just not needed, people write new books all of the time, why not go after one of those stories and try to make something new popular….instead of taking an amazing movie and ruining it :/ I don’t understand what they mean about making it more modern either….I am 19 and am still in love with the old horror movies…I even like “the birds” and “the creature from the black lagoon”

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  • Shannon said

    I read online that they wanted to do a remake of the evil dead and I think the original is awesome but kinda cheesy effects if u watch it now,it would be interesting to see how.scary they could.make it and i also read that they were gonna make an evil dead four too and they were.gonna have Bruce Campbell in it. Would love to see both of them but it could never top the originals…….go Bruce!

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  • muzza said

    ok. childs play-good idea, daredevil-good idea, the warriors-good idea, the crow good idea. these are the only movies that will be good to remake. the rest are gonna suck. NEVER CHANGE SCARFACE

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  • Jessee said

    I don’t see why remakes are so bad, even if the remake sucks you still have the original one. Its not like the remake makes the original suck or anything, and theirs the off chance that the remake is good.

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  • Jack said

    I would love to see a Local Hero remake. I really enjoyed that movie and its a shame that in its popularity, there are still many unfamiliar with it.

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    • Robert said

      I know of Local Hero. I think Mark Knophfler did the sound track. That’s a;; I know of this movie,

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  • bumular said

    Count crapular.

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  • Ethan said

    I do believe that they are making an Escape From New York remake in the works….just fyi

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  • Edwin said

    This whole remake phenomenon just shows Hollywood is completely bereft of original material.

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  • maria martinez said

    I agree they make remakes becuz they have run out of ideas.But i wouldn’t mind seeing Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead movie.

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  • Sandy said

    This is BLASPHEMOY! They can’t remake half these movies, that’s just wrongness. Especially Scarface. NO ONE can do Scarface, that movie was made for Paccino. I think it’s disrespectful in a way. And no one can do Stallone movies either. I Hate Remakes.

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  • Jocelyn said

    Its one thing to remake the superhero movies that are always being messed with anyway, but Dune? Tomb Raider?! I don’t think I can bring myself to watch those without feeling physically ill. And really, some just should never be touched. For example, with how much of a Star Wars fan I am, if they touch my original trilogy after the 3D release, heads will roll.
    You have to draw the line somewhere. If new stories are what Hollywood needs, then why don’t they go looking for them? There are original tales to be told and I would love to hear them.
    Hollywood, set down the classics and take a step back. Turn away slowly, showing me your hands. Now, run. Run far away to the land of originality and creativity where you need to be.

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  • martin said

    if they are remakeing all these movies why does someeone go for a classic horror like maybe” the exorcist”

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  • Classic Movie Lover said

    No way Johnny Depp can live up to William Powell! And no one will have the class of Myrna Loy!

    Why remake the greats!! Hollywood now just ruins them. Kate Winslet is not way in par with Joan Crawford. At least with The Women Meg Ryan is more interesting than Norma Shearer.

    Not many actors or actress are on the same playing field as actors of yesteryear. HOllywood started dying in the late 50’s.

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  • robert said

    Hollywood needs to let go of nepotism and stop hiring people who have no imagination to write . Hollywood needs fresh ideas, the first movie studio to recognize that and invest in that is going to be king …in the black and not the red … Hollywood needs a fresh look with fresh new stories to bring out the little kids in us all. Stories to inspire us, make us dream … We don’t need retreads of stories we already know about … Get some new fresh writers Hollywood ..

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