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Upcoming Movie Remakes New List (up to 2020)

The Blob
Aladdin (live action)
Charlie’s Angels
Child’s Play
Dumbo (live action)
Jacob’s Ladder
The Lion King (live action)
Masters of the Universe
Miss Bala
Pet Sematary
The Upside
What Men Want
X-Men: Dark Pheonix



Which upcoming remakes between now and 2020 are you looking forward to most?


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  • shaun said

    my picks for films that need a remake are cube(good film but with bigger budget and better actors would be good as the concept is there) the tournament (the one with robert carlyle and ving rhymes) lost in space,deep blue sea,senseless

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  • jay said

    Remakes are kind of stupid. Most of the time the reason movies were great in the first place, aside from the fact that the story is good is because they happened to capture lightning in a bottle so to speak with the casting….you can’t manufacture that at will….it just happens.

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  • Mercmarc said

    I would like to see a new version of jaws,and only if it were to closely follow the original novel. Yes that would mean Hooper being munched!

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  • Mike O'Brien said

    The BLOB being remade? Okay fans of all classic monsters,say outloud. NO MORE REMAKES! WE WANT SEQUELS! What happens if the Blob finally thaws out from the Polar Ice due to Global Warming,appears in Alaska,rolls though the state,Canada and reaches America-after a huge megadisater attacks and thousands eaten by the unstoppable Blob,it’s more bigger than Godzilla,how do we Humans hope to stop it?

    Oh,we got Shin Godzilla coming-another remake of the classic Godzilla,ugliest Godzilla I ever seen.

    Who wants something made for destructive fun? GODZILLA vs THE BLOB!

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  • cadian said

    i think that youguys should make another A-X-L movie because it was really good and should have a second part to where it is fully toghether and have another bad guy to it that is trying to destroy it and keep it from runing him or her lans on destroying

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