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Upcoming Movie Sequels List (up to 2020)

Annabelle 3
Avatar 2
Avengers: Endgame
Bad Boys For Life
The Conjuring 3
Frozen 2
Glass (Unbreakable 2)
Going Places (Big Lebowski spinoff)
Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Happy Death Day 2U
Hobbs And Shaw
How ‘Train Your Dragon: ‘Hidden World
It: Chapter Two
John Wick: Chapter 3
Jumanji 3
Kingsman: The Great Game
The LEGO Movie 2
Men In Black: International
Rambo 5: Last Blood
Son Of Shaft
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Star Wars: Episode IX
Terminator Reboot
Toy Story 4
Train To Busan 2
Wonder Woman 1984
World War Z 2
Zombieland Too
3 From Hell (Devil’s Rejects 2)
47 Meters Down: Next Chapter



Which upcoming sequels between now and 2020 are you looking forward to most? What do you wish was here?


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  • Tails said

    Missing top gun 2…. With Tom cruise returning

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  • Sayan said

    Woooooowwwww i never miss a single movie….eagerly waiting for all of these.

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  • Dom said

    This list is so Incomplete
    Avatar 3
    Fast and Furious 7 ( they said they will film 2 more movies if 5 did good, a sequel to 5 and another for TD)
    Hobbit part 2( movie is split into 2 parts )
    Catching fire ( hunger games 2 )
    Mockingjay part 1 ( hunger games 3, book is split into 2 movies )
    Mockingjay part 2
    Breaking dawn part 2 ( 4th book split into 2 movies )
    Scary movie 5
    Clash of the titans 3
    Ice age 4
    Step up 4
    Transformers 4 ( it has been confirmed )
    Final destination 6 ( if 5 did good they would make 2 movie 6 and 7 back to back 6 a prequel to 5 and 7 is a squeal to 4 )
    Final destination 7
    Saw 8 ( original writers said in an interview there will be another Saw movie which will fill in the gaps between 3 and 5 )
    Resident evil retubution ( follows afterlife )
    Resident evil damnation ( squeal to degenertion )
    Alex cross ( squeal to. Kiss the girls and along came a spider )
    Paranormal activity 4
    Silent hill 2
    Jumper 2
    Promethues ( prequel to alien )
    Prometheus 2 ( squeal to 1 and prequel to alien, not fully confirmed )
    Sherlock Holmes 2
    American reunion ( 8th movie follows 10 years after the original and about the same time as 4:band camp, 5:a naked mile )
    Pirates of the Caribbean 5
    Piranha 3dd ( squeal to remake of piranha 3d )

    All I can think of now

    Also. Superman: man of steel. Movie is called man of steel rite now and is a reboot not a squeal, or prequel.

    They are remaking batman as well, they r going to make. justice league but they will pece the movies together like they did for the avengers. Batman reboot, superman reboot, wounder woman, flash, aquaman= justice league.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Good list, we haven’t covered some of those movies yet so that’s why they’re not linked here. Also we’re only listing the next sequel, rather than the one after that (so not Avatar 3). We’ve written a long post about Prometheus 2 but the chance of it happening seems pretty remote at the moment so it’s not linked here. Some others you mention are already released, that’s when we take them off the list. But yeah, very thorough, good job.
      Site Editor

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  • william said

    i can not wait for avatar2,ironman3,despicableme2,avengers2,captain america2,monster inc. 2, thor 2,beetlejuice2,wolverine2,xmenfirstclass2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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  • Hitesh papa said

    Eagerly waiting for-MI-5 ,DH-5 ,INCEPTION-2 ,NATIONAL TREASURE-3 ,KSKHH-2 ,XXX-3

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  • Christopher said

    The Hobbit is not a sequel. The book takes place before the trilogy.

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  • Annette said

    Whatever happened to the kids in Goonies? I’d love to see what happened with the Goondocks & One-Eyed Willie’s ship!

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  • Stephanie said

    Underworld 5, I think that the story needs to be pulled together and concluded…. I personally don’t think that there is much more that they can do with it after they do a 5th installment. My theory on movies is that you shouldn’t give up on them until the audiance does…so far, Underworld is going strong in the box office!!

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  • Faizan said

    OCEAN 14

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  • rahul said

    wanna see sequel for, the three musketeers, the incredibles,

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  • awesomeXMaster said

    They Forgot A Movie On This List, Although The Book Was Better Than The First movie I Think The Second Movie Will Rock,

    They Forgot The Movie Called:

    CATCHING FIRE [the sequel to the hunger games]

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  • vash said

    I don’t believe that a 4th transformers movie will be filmed because all 3 transformer movies where based on the comics and dark of the moon was the last of them. Even if a 4th one is filmed I don’t think it’ll be as cool as the other 3 because there won’t be a Relevant story to it…
    Also they should make a movie of god of War and cratos and his story that would really be a big thing I would love a movie like that to hit the cinemas … it should be animated though no actor could ever take on the roles of cratos + zeus + Athena + hercules + Aries or gaia
    Oh and a movie based on the Uncharted trilogy would kill the Cinemas damn want a movie like that to be released

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    • Ira203 said

      The transformers 4 was originally named rise of galvatron which was supposed to introduce unicron

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  • Dawny said

    How about Boondock Saints? When are they ever gonna finish that story? All Saints Day left us hangin! Free the saints!! 🙂

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  • graychuan said

    Let Burt and Jerry reprise thier roles as Bo and Cletus from Smokey and the Bandit in a Fast and Furious sequel with Toretto and his crew.

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  • David Wilkinson said

    What about the dark knight 4? Cause after the batcopter explode,
    batman/Bruce Wayne survives to use auto-pilot. And Joesph plays tim blake huh? But dick grayson was robin beofre tim. Perhaps if, there will be dark knight 4 to have batman and robin.

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