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Upcoming Movie Sequels List (up to 2020)

Annabelle 3
Avatar 2
Avengers: Endgame
Bad Boys For Life
The Conjuring 3
Frozen 2
Glass (Unbreakable 2)
Going Places (Big Lebowski spinoff)
Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Happy Death Day 2U
Hobbs And Shaw
How ‘Train Your Dragon: ‘Hidden World
It: Chapter Two
John Wick: Chapter 3
Jumanji 3
Kingsman: The Great Game
The LEGO Movie 2
Men In Black: International
Rambo 5: Last Blood
Son Of Shaft
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Star Wars: Episode IX
Terminator Reboot
Toy Story 4
Train To Busan 2
Wonder Woman 1984
World War Z 2
Zombieland Too
3 From Hell (Devil’s Rejects 2)
47 Meters Down: Next Chapter



Which upcoming sequels between now and 2020 are you looking forward to most? What do you wish was here?


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  • craig said

    I totally agree.Good call.

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  • Dan Platenak said

    The movies like Star Trek , Back to the Future . Terminator and all the time shift stuff . The movie remakes. I like them . I search the movie menu looking for those type of movies. This is a what if New thing . For example .Popular sayings from actors, And things . I wonder and would like to see a show that is incredible. It moves in time combining the talent and position all the actors have in the roles they played . For example. While I was watching star trek . I saw doc from back to the future as a Klingon .He had the wit and skills In the back of my mind I taught was this one of the places he went to in the future. or was he from the future sent back in the past to do the things with that flux capacitor. Aboard this thinking the new movies with different needs to combine time “as it is know as a continuum. Why not take star trek combine it with back to the future. x men . stuff we all seen . and make a movie. that un connects things . but combines all the actors skills . into one movie , an all star cast . Get everyone famous again . do you remember the movie red dawn .

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  • deathdiver said

    Inseno man 2 or bio dome 2 with keeping Pauly shore

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  • Clark Griswold said

    Last Friday starring Ice Cube/ Holiday Fockers starring Ben Stiller. Swiss Family Vacation: Starring Chevy Chase. White Chicks 2 Legally Blinded: Starring The Wayans Bros. Austin Powers 4:The Last Shagg.

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  • Jamal said

    How about it? Now that would be worth paying for to watch at imax

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  • wes said

    the other guys with will Ferrell and mark Wahlberg needs a sequel. That was one of the funniest movies ever made imo

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  • Sara said
  • thea said

    Sequels I want…
    Push 2 with Dakota Fanning
    Next 2 with Nicholas Cage

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  • MY Mohan said

    What are the Final Destination 6 and Wrong Turn 7 release dates….????

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  • Jen Pack said

    They’re making another Bill and Ted movie? I remember seeing the first one as a teenager and loving it, but I don’t think it would be the same with different actors. Do you know if Keanu Reeves is in the new one?

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      It’s in development but may not necessarily make it into production. Keanu will have some box office clout after John Wick 2 opens so we’ll see what he does with it.

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  • johnny walker said

    I heard rumors of a spielberg Goonies sequel….the goonies 2 would be awesome…

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  • Candace said

    The Day After Tomorrow sequel, Signs sequel and Salt sequel.

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  • Stacey said

    We need the second part to The Golden Compass and the next part to the Last Airbender.

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  • Bri said

    There should be a sequel to the movie Dirt about what he does after everyone thinks he’s dead and no longer looking for him.

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  • Dan Platenak said

    one super hot movie with are scientists on science channel being bad ass and sexy . look out .

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