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A United Kingdom – Review (London Film Festival)

A United Kingdom Review (London Film Festival)

The 60th BFI London Film Festival is underway and launches in fine fashion with A United Kingdom, a post-WWII romance which sees David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike play a couple whose relationship shakes the foundations of two countries.
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Top 5 Stories About Working With Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal Stories

It seems that anyone who has worked with Steven Seagal over the years has a Seagal story that they dine out on. We can’t independently verify any of these without getting chops to the face and neck, but here for entertainment/news purposes are my 5 favourites:
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Off The Rails – Review

Off the Rails tells the story of Darius McCollum, a New Yorker who is “really good with trains, but [who] can’t seem to figure out people”. Darius has Asperger’s syndrome, and from a young age develops a fascination with public transit – a world where schedules and routines dictate the actions of those around him. It wouldn’t be long before Darius would begin to drive trains himself, an activity that proved to be therapeutic, bringing him a level of comfort and joy that he was unable to find elsewhere. However, Darius would not be under the employment of New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority when operating these trains. He’d do so illegally. For decades.
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Heath’s Six Top Films Of The Year So Far (Midnight Movie Madness)

It’s been a fine summer of film. Here’s a video recap of my preferred celluloid, kicking off with a good look at what Ellen does when she’s not talking to the Apparently Kid – ‘Finding Dory’.
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What Did You Watch This Week? (Reviews Of ‘Blair Witch’, ‘Girl With All The Gifts’, ‘Don’t Breathe’, ‘Train To Busan’, ‘Green Room’)

What You Watched This Week Short reviews of the camera-collecting ‘Blair Witch’, the not-at-all-like-28-Weeks-Later ‘Girl With All The Gifts’, blind panic thriller ‘Don’t Breathe’, zombies on a train is a good idea ‘Train To Busan’ and Captain Picard turns Trump supporter ? in ‘Green Room’.
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Promising ‘Blair Witch’ Sequel – Trailer

Promising Blair Witch Sequel Trailer

It seems like forever since 1999’s The Blair Witch Project shook up the horror world. Its innovative found footage videocamera style kicked off a wave of similarly shot films that’s made the idea feel like old hat today. However there’s a direct sequel being released in a couple of months made by one of the most capable writing/directing pairs in the horror business and early reviews are universally strong. Blair Witch is back.
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Suicide Squad – 7 Minutes Of New Footage

Suicide Squad New Footage

Looks like Suicide is going to be huge this August, with the Squad headed for the big screen. Out front is Big Willy Smith, who never misses his target, as Deadshot. Jared Leto is the new Joker, who has already been mentally compared to Heath Ledger 25 million times by internet users, but only 6 times to Jack Nicholson. Here are all the new clips, just fill in the blanks to see the movie.
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What Did You Watch This Week? (Reviews Of ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot, ‘The Survivalist’, ‘And Then There Were None’, ‘Dirty Grandpa’)

What You Watched This Week Short reviews of the ‘Ghostbusters’ who did not appear in their pre-chosen forms, the bodily function-obsessed ‘The Survivalist’, Agatha’s Christie’s third-time’s-the-charm-on-the-title ‘And Then There Were None’, and Robert De Niro’s most fearless performance in years, ‘Dirty Grandpa’.
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Movie-Moron Hosting Screening Of ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ At Rooftop Cinema – Win Tickets!

Movie-Moron Hosting Screening Of Grand Budapest Hotel At Rooftop Cinema

These days it’s no longer just about what movie you saw, but where you saw it. On the evening of Thursday 30th, Movie-Moron will be hosting a screening of Wes Anderson’s masterpiece ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ at Lost Format Society in Croydon – one of London’s premiere rooftop cinemas.
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My Experience With Oculus Rift & The Future Of Cinematic Storytelling

Oculus Rift Review VR Cinema

I have a reasonably decent PC for video editing and so decided to get the Oculus Rift when it went up for pre-order in January (I’d also been following the Rift’s progress obsessively for years). Now, months later, it’s finally arrived, and there’s no doubt it’s the future. Perhaps the future of movies too.
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