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Dark Knight Rises – 6 Character Posters

The Dark Knight Rises - New Posters
We have the new character posters for this year’s most hotly anticipated new release, The Dark Knight Rises.
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First Look At Bane From The Dark Knight Rises

Bane Picture - The Dark Knight Rises
Only one day after shooting began (on location at Smithfield Market in east London), the viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises dropped a major spoiler.
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The Dark Knight Rises – Casting Bits

Dark Knight Rising Casting
Josh Pence has been cast a young Ra’s Al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises. Pence is an unknown but starred in The Social Network, sort of. Minus his head. He played Tyler Winkelvoss but his face was digitally replaced with that of the excellently-named Armie Hammer.
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Justice League Movie In 2013. Batman Reboot

Batman Justice League
‘The Dark Knight Rises’ looms like mist-cloaked mountain; simultaneously distant yet almost close enough to touch. While we’re all eagerly anticipating the film’s release, there is also a part of us which is sad knowing that the film will mark the end of Chris Nolan’s association with the caped crusader.

Or will it?
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Gordon-Levitt To Play Mobster In Dark Knight Rises /UPDATE: Or Is He?

The Dark Knight Rises Casting News - Joseph Gordon-Levitt (movie, 2012)
Ever since he was cast in Christopher Nolan’s Inception By Christopher Nolan, Director of The Dark Knight, people have been wondering exactly what role Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be playing in the next Batman film. Apparently some people prefer to mark time using Batman movies instead of years.
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The Dark Knight Rises – Official Villain Casting

The Dark Knight Rises - Official Villain Casting
You may not have heard it here first, but you heard it here best, the villains for The Dark Knight Rises (aka, Christopher Nolan presents Batman 3) are:
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The Dark Knight Rises – 6 Actresses, 2 Roles!

The Dark Knight Rises - Women
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Batman 3 Called ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ & Riddler ISN’T Villain

Batman 3 News
Christopher Nolan has released some more significant details about his third Batman film. For one, it will no longer be called ‘his third Batman film’, the official title is… drum roll… ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Nolan also revealed that the villain in the film will not be The Riddler. This will probably surprise a lot of people as the character has long been considered the most likely candidate to play Batman’s nemesis in this film, mainly because he could perceivably fit into Nolan’s ‘realistic’ interpretation of Gotham city and its inhabitants.
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Tom Hardy Cast In Batman

Tom Hardy Cast In Batman 3
Since his mind-blowing performance in Bronson, Tom Hardy has been rising and rising towards the upper echelons of superstardom. First he was cast as Mad Max in the upcoming remake, then he stole the show in Inception, and now it has been confirmed he is to be re-united with Chris Nolan in the highly anticipated 3rd Batman movie. It is surely news that will please fans of the series. I am a strong believer that Hardy has the potential to become one of the greatest actors of his generation. Something about him reminds me of Marlon Brando.
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Nolan Confirms He’s Directing 3rd Batman Movie (Well Duh!)

Chris Nolan Directing 3rd Batman Movie 2012
We already knew it anyway but Christopher Nolan has at long last officially said that he will be making a third Batman film. In a recent interview with Empire the enigmatic director finally gave the nod of confirmation fanboys everywhere have been eagerly awaiting
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