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Greengrass To Helm Cleopatra?

Angelina Jolie - Cleopatra Movies News
James Cameron toyed with us a few months ago when he suggested he might direct Sony Pictures’ Cleopatra, only to confirm a few days later that he would be working on Avatar 2 and 3 instead. That left a big director-shaped hole in this huge project, which has Angelina Jolie attached to play the lead. Producer Scott Rudin (True Grit) revealed recently that he and Sony are “pretty close” to picking a director. Mysterious souces suggest the man for the job might be Paul Greengrass, the guy behind the last two Bourne films, United 93 and Green Zone.
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Cameron talks Titanic 3-D, Avatar 2, & Cleopatra

Titanic 3-D, Avatar 2, & Cleopatra News
It’s nearly a year since Avatar smashed box-office records and James Cameron reinforced his position as king of the world. Since the film’s success, 3-D has almost become the standard for blockbuster movies, just as Cameron had hoped it would. However, the battle for 3-D is not yet truly won as many, including yours truly, are frustrated by the higher ticket prices and dubious as to whether 3-D actually improves the already perfect art form of Cinema.

In a recent interview, James Cameron discussed the state of 3-D since Avatar, his plans to convert Titanic into 3-D and what his next project as a director will be.
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Cameron To Direct Jolie’s Cleopatra?

Angelina Jolie's Cleopatra Wants Avatar Director
The world’s most bankable actress and the world’s most bankable director on the same project? That smells like a recipe for success.
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