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Fast Six Casting – Luke Evans As Villain. And Rihanna?

Fast Six casting
The sixth Fast and the Furious movie starts shooting this month, ahead of a release in just over a year’s time, meaning that it’s hardly surprising that director Justin Lin and producer Neal Moritz are racing (sorry) to secure their cast. Many of the actors are franchise returnees, although there are also some new faces being added, including (if rumours are to be believed) Rihanna and Luke Evans.
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Fast Six and Fast Seven = M25 & Autobahn

I have yet to see Fast Five, on account of the previous Fast and the Furious movies I had the misfortune to clap eyes on being more awful than the sight of a bunny rabbit getting sliced up in a combine harvester. However! The quality of F5 was allegedly pretty decent, and the box office results were bigger than an elephant in a cake shop. Logic dictates therefore that more Fast films are in the works, and Dwayne Johnson has revealed where the next two instalments will be set.
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Fast, Furious & Statham?

Fast, Furious 6 Adds Jason Statham?
Not one, but two Fast & Furious sequels are gearing up, and rumor has it that joining the cast of the previous films will be none other than Transporter, Death Race and The Italian Job wheelman Jason Statham.
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Director Lin Drops Terminator 5, Takes Fast Six

Justin Lin drops Terminator 5, takes Fast & Furious 6
My own feeling is that Terminator 5 is going to wind up exactly like what would happen if I tried to build my own house: lots of money and effort expended for some decidedly crappy results. But no! Must. Stay. Positive. Arnold demands it, lest he break my goddamn spine. Today’s Terminator update is that Justin Lin, the director who had been helping to develop the project, has been forced into a speedy exit.
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