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Godzilla 2 Will Stomp Into Cinemas In 2018


Legendary and Warner Bros. have confirmed an official release date for Godzilla 2, with Gareth Edwards set to return as director.
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Godzilla – Review

Godzilla Review

There’s a dichotomy to Godzilla as a character that’s seen him remain so iconic throughout 60 years’ worth of incarnations. He’s destructive, but heroic. He’s there to hunt, with no desire to interfere with humanity, but cannot help to do so. Humanity as a backdrop has always existed throughout his legacy. He battles an array of cult monsters while we fire at him with our puny weapons. He laughs at them.
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5 Godzilla Clips Promise Epic Smackdown

Godzilla Clips

Word from Japan is they think the new Godzilla looks fat. Well I’d like to see them say that to his face. Also the first clips have landed, showing some quality actors bringing the gravitas, and the king of lizards bringing the wow.
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Godzilla – New Full-Length Trailer

Godzilla New Full-Length Trailer

Godzilla is causing nightmares for anyone covering building insurance in this new full length trailer for the biggest monster movie of the year. Bryan Cranston is front and center, out of his tighty whities and accusing people of lying to him and doubting the official government version of events. Where is Edward Snowden when you need him?
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‘Monsters’ Director Begins Filming ‘Godzilla’

Godzilla Movie 2013 - News & Rumors
Director of low budget apocalypse flick Monsters has begun principal photography on the reboot of Godzilla, as Legendary Pictures revealed on Twitter.
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Godzilla 2012 Has A Director

Godzilla Movie 2012 - News & Rumors
And it’s Monsters director Gareth Edwards. Get yourself a major motion picture deal and you too can look as smug as this man.

The 35 year old Brit has ONLY made Monsters, which was a fantastic exercise in atmosphere and – with Edwards taking care of the special effects himself amongst many other aspects of production – pushed the envelope of low-budget film-making.
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